Birthday Week: More Presents

Okay, technically birthday week is over considering this little man has been ONE for 1 week and 2 days now, but hey, it’s still birthday week here on the blog!

Last Friday, Mason opened some more presents. Since the lovely present givers weren’t there to share the experience, I figured a blog entry about it would only be right, right?

First up was presents from Auntie Jayme. It’s starting to be obvious that WeeMan has this present opening thing DOWN….

“Hmmm, this is one big box…”

“What’s IN here?!”

“Well, would you look at that, Buzz??”

“Yay for zebras!”
And then because he’s the world’s luckiest baby, his favorite little buddy Cole sent him a present too!

“Look mom, I gots PAPER!!!”

So I showed him that while lots of fun, that wasn’t the actual present…. He seemed pretty excited about the prospect of TWO presents in one box!

The penguin flaps his wings and Mason laughed and laughed!

I’m pretty confidant that Mason really enjoyed round two of present opening! I’m so happy he has such great friends :o)

5 thoughts on “Birthday Week: More Presents

  1. Cole Post author

    Oh, so glad he likes the penguin – I have the same on at Grammy Boo and Coach’s house, and I thought it would be perfect! I know you like penguins 🙂 Plus, Mason will be pushing it around before you know it!

  2. Kerry McCullough Post author

    Niall has the waddling duck, too! Looks like Mason is a very lucky birthday boy– and I think every birthday deserves a good week of celebration 🙂

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