Reading Time Tuesday #4

It’s been a busy few weeks and while we haven’t been doing as much reading as I’d like, we’ve still been getting some reading done!

On my second library run for Mason, I picked up Pajama Time, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket, and Baby Talk. Pajama Time is an oversized book and he loves it, especially when SuperDad reads it to him! He enjoys staring at the faces in Baby Talk and was not at all impressed with the Wockets, even if they were in Pockets.

We also read a lot of Birthday Monsters (those mean mean monsters!) and just this weekend, Mason went over to his bookshelf, pulled down The Foot Book and threw it in my lap, which nearly made me cry from happiness, even though I’m sure it was a total fluke! Especially considering he didn’t stick around to HEAR it. But still, he gave me a book. Awwww!

Last Tuesday, he got sent home from daycare with a fever and I have to admit, I LOVED him being in that super cuddly “hold me mommy” mode because I totally took advantage and made him sit through 8 or 9 books.  Considering having him  get through more than 3 pages without wandering away is usually a struggle, it was sooo nice to read to a cuddly little baby.

His favorite book to page through continues to be his Bunny Hugs book (pictured) and he’s finally started flipping the pages in his electronic book to hear it talk instead of slamming it shut to hear Bye Bye! over and over! (Thank God!)

Mommy’s Reading Corner

With SuperDad’s help, I’ve been doing an AWESOME job making reading a priority lately. Since I last posted, I’ve read Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky (loved it),  Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult (really liked it), Save as Draft by Cavanaugh Lee (liked it),  Shadow Tag by Louise Erdlich (didn’t like it), Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury (loved it even though I totally didn’t realize I was in for a semi-religious book, oops), Rescue by Anita Shreve (liked it), Still Missing by Chevy Stevens (loved it and canot believe that this is her first book!), and Between Friends by Debbie Macomber. And yes, I read all of those in March. One weekend? I read four books!! OMG. I’m pretty sure nailing my 40 books in 2011 goal is going to be a piece of cake.  If you’re on GoodReads, shoot me a friend request

Anyway, what have you guys read this month? What have you loved? Hated? Been enjoying with your kids? I’d love to hear about it!

(The links above are 99% so you guys can see which book I’m referring to. They ARE affiliate links, but considering I’d make about 3 cents off each purchase, proceed with caution – go wild and you may fund Mason’s next can of puffs.)

8 thoughts on “Reading Time Tuesday #4

  1. Jen Crutchfield Post author

    I was gonna ask if you’re on GoodReads. I friend requested you there. I’m behind on my goal of 52 for the year. Not sure I’ll catch up but I guess I’ll just keep on trying.

  2. Sara Post author

    Those Birthday Monsters are such trouble makers! Thank goodness for the Birthday Monsters Cleaning Crew!!

    The Boynton books are big in our house. We end every night with the Going to Bed Book.

  3. Jayme from WI Post author

    Wocket in My Pocket was one of my all time favorite books as a child. Go Dog Go was one of the most frustrating for me and Mom–I always asked every time the other dog said he didn’t like the girl dog’s hat why he wouldn’t just tell her he did and that it was kinda mean to be so negative. 🙂

  4. amy Post author

    hey! I cannot believe you can find the time to read 4 books in a weekend, I can’t read 4 books in a month! Who cleans your house? You must be super organized. Anyway, Gage lately is loving ‘Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you?’, ‘I Love my Mommy Because…’ and ‘The Grouchy Ladybug’.

    I haven’t had time to read lately, but am in the middle of ‘Message in a Bottle’. Almost started ‘Rescue’, but stuck w/ Sparks instead.

  5. Delora Post author

    Colin’s a big fan of Very Hungry Caterpillar and Many Colored Days, because the board-book copies have holes he can stick his fingers in. Whatever works, right?

  6. Heather Post author

    We have the foot book too, and my absolute favorite to read to my little man is “The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess. I do however have to get him “Where the Wild Things Grow”. It was my childhood favorite and I want him to have it too!

    I love those cuddly moments too!

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