My Little Grower

On Tuesday Mason had his 1 year check-up and unlike his last scheduled check-up, she declared him to be right on target with his milestones and development, so that was nice! He weighs in at 20 lbs 8 ounces and 29.5 inches long, so he’s still a little peanut. (Totally evidenced by the fact that I got stopped three times at the store last weekend with exclamations of  “Oh my gosh, LOOK at all those TEETH!” and then when they found out how old he was, followed up with “Oh, nevermind, I guess that isn’t that many teeth, I thought he was a lot younger…” Nice, huh?)

I realized some time around 2 am that the pediatrician’s happiness with his growth is all because they weighted him with his (7 ounce) helmet – his chart has him down as 20 lbs 15 oz, so his huge growth spurt didn’t really exist. With the helmet on, he’s at 25% on the growth curve, which means he’s probably under 20% in actuality, but that’s okay! He’s eating three solids meals a day (80% table food), breastfeeding twice a day, and having three breastmilk bottles a day, so as long as he’s growing some, I think we’re doing fine. Granted, I’m already dreading the 15 month appointment when he magically “loses” that 7 ounces and she’s concerned about his “regression” but we’ll deal with it then.

The biggest change in our world right now is that he’s transitioning into the one year old room at daycare. This is way harder FOR ME than I thought it would be. He’s been in the same room for 10 months and had the same teachers for a good 6 months, so to be in a totally different room with teachers I don’t know and kids I don’t know feels like I’m leaving him for the first time all over again! He’s the only kid in the room who isn’t walking and I believe he’s also the youngest by 3 months. He looks like a tiny thing next to all of those big kids – two of which will be turning two soon!

The biggest changes in the one year old room are going from naps in cribs to naps on nap mats and having a morning and afternoon nap in the nursery to having one nap a day that starts at 11:30. We’ve definitely been struggling with this at home – he’s absolutely exhausted beyond belief by 6 pm and is all tears and tantrums. In the nursery, he would often wake up from a nap around 4 pm, so now to be awake from 1:00 til bedtime is rough. They say he’ll adjust, but the selfish part of me doesn’t want him to (yet) – I enjoy the three plus hours a day of nap time and I don’t look forward to having to move Mason’s bedtime earlier, which is what I’m guessing is going to happen.

He’s also not allowed to use a Nuk except for nap time (which is fine, that’s all we do at home) and they want him off the bottle ASAP. We were preparing for that change but didn’t realize that they don’t use sippy cups – they go right from bottles to small drinking glasses. I’m sure it will work eventually, but I have visions of breastmilk dumped everywhere, so that kind of bugs me. Right now they’re working with him to drink water from the cup at meal times and are letting him use the bottle for his milk, but I don’t know how long that will last. He’s got another good 2 months of frozen breastmilk to get through and I really don’t want to feel pressured to not use it, ya know?

In other news, this afternoon we make the trek down to the helmet doctor to hopefully get a head scan, see what sort of progress he’s made, and maybe possibly (but I’m not holding my breath) get some idea how much longer Mason will be in his helmet. So if you could keep your fingers crossed for us, that would be great – I’d really really love to be able see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

One Year Ago – 1st Walk

9 thoughts on “My Little Grower

  1. Sara Post author

    Uhh it just really bugs me when day cares start dictating when kids sleep and what they drink out of! I know they probably have his best interests in mind, but remind me why someone besides a child’s parent (or god forbid the child himself!) gets to decide how much sleep he needs? “They” don’t use sippy cups?

    Sorry about the rant there. I really hope you get great news from Mason’s head scan!!

  2. Allie Post author

    The open cup thing would have me in fits. Sure it’s a good skill to learn eventually but it is not going to cause harm for toddlers to still drink from sippy cups.

    I can’t wait to hear how the scan goes. Fingers and toes crossed!

  3. Hilary@BabyMooHoo Post author

    I’m so nervous about Natalie transitioning into the older room at daycare, too! She’ll make the move with a group of other kids that she knows in a couple of months, so I have some time… but reading your post has definitely made me think about the transition a little more. We’re still mostly on a two-nap-a-day schedule–it’s hard to make that switch to one!

    Also, I wonder if Mason would drink breast milk from a straw? It might be a good compromise with the daycare if you provided a couple of straws or straw-style sippy cups to get him through the transition from bottle to cup. Natalie just dumps everything from a regular cup all over herself, but the straw seems to work wonders.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment! Good luck!

  4. infertilenanny Post author

    If you didn’t need me to claim taxes I’d quit my job tomorrow and become your nanny! LOL. I think it’s ridiculous that they expect all those changes at once. Especially going straight to the little cup. Ugh.

    Anyways I hope the scan goes well! I’m glad to hear he’s improving, must be his awesome parents!

  5. Randalin Post author

    Sounds like the little guy has a lot of adjusting to do with the move! Let’s hope for smooth sailing – babies adapt pretty easily, right? At least that’s what people tell me. Clearly they haven’t met my kid…but that’s another story. Good luck!

  6. Cole Post author

    Power to the peanuts! And the above poster can add me to the list of the people her baby is bigger than, because I was 19 pounds and change at my 12 month appointment!

    That sounds like an awful lot of changes all at once! I do really well with one nap a day, but I usually go down at about 1:00 which leaves a shorter stretch from when I wake up until bedtime (about 8:00). Far be it from me to dispense sleep advice though, since we only recently got that all sorted out. 🙂

  7. Jen Crutchfield Post author

    I have to agree on the cup thing. It would make me insane. My almost four year old still spills all the time when we give her a cup with no lid at dinner time. Usually she gets a cut with a straw because I don’t want to clean up the messes. I guess if they don’t mind cleaning up spills every day that’s up to them but it would bug me too if it’s breast milk that’s getting spilled. Maybe they’ll work with it a little longer because of that reason alone?

  8. Joanna Post author

    Wow, lots of changes at once! I’ve started Ariella drinking water out of a cup with no lid a couple of times a week now. She gets a real kick out of it, but most of the water soaks her bib. I would not let them do breastmilk in the open cup until he has really mastered drinking water out of it first. Pumping takes too much work, and the breastmilk is far too precious.

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