Helmet Update #5

So yesterday was our monthly appointment with Dr. Gary.

The news was kind of the same as last month. Barely any growth. It’s been 10 weeks and we’ve barely gotten anywhere. :o( We did a new scan (the first one since we started) and his head has went from 9.3  mm off to 7.9 mm (0-3 is normal). That tiny little change? Devastates me.

Don’t get me wrong, his head LOOKS better to us, but it’s probably a combination of a: he’s got a lot more hair and b: I only see his head an hour a day, so it’s so nice to see something other than a helmet!

We’re pushing on. Our next appointment is in 5 weeks. If he has a huge growth spurt, we could see a huge change. We started this journey out with a goal of reducing his offage in half (down to a 4.7) and while I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore, we have the helmet, we’ve paid the insane cost, and we want every single millimeter of progress we can get. I’m not very hopeful, but we owe it to him and ourselves to see this through and not throw in the towel now.

Plea from me to you

I keep reading all these great stories about these 6 month olds who are seeing 2 mm change in TWO WEEKS and here we are, 10 weeks and not even a 1.5 mm change. This is why it’s SO important to not listen to doctors when they say “Oh, they’ll grow out of it”  The chance of that happening is very minimal.  No, instead, the head basically stops growing. The BEST age to “fix” your baby’s head is between 4-6 months.  Their head grows EVERY SINGLE DAY and all that new growth? Goes into the flat spot. The average turn around time for a little baby in a helmet is 6-12 weeks. We’re talking from a 14 mm difference to a 4 mm difference in a mere 2-3 months.

So please, folks, if you’re thinking that your baby’s head shape isn’t right passed the 3 month mark and your ped keeps saying “Oh, it will fix itself” please seek a second opinion. Cranial Technologies and other places that specialize in this stuff will do the scan FOR FREE and won’t pressure you into going one route or another. It’s WORTH getting it checked out NOW if it’s something you’re concerned about.

Plagiocephaly is NOT just a cosmetic thing – the flattening in the head can lead to issues with TMJ and migraines as well as more obvious things like helmets and glasses not fitting correctly and a childhood full of teasing.There are currently ongoing studies that are seeing links to severe cases of plagio and developmental delays. We’re not doing this to “make him pretty” – we’re doing this for his health.


This definitely hasn’t been the easiest thing. I hate having to plan his outfits on what has a wide enough neck to fit over the helmet for outfit changes at daycare. Mason now runs when he sees the helmet coming. He’s at the age where he fights us as we’re trying to put it on his head. I hate that he can’t wear any of his cute winter clothes because he gets too hot. But, once it’s on, he doesn’t care at all. He loves gently bumping it against things and he gets the hugest smile when the other kids at daycare poke at it. It’s prevented endless bumps and bruises as he’s learned to pull up and cruise. And truthfully, for every second I spend hating this helmet with every ounce of my being, I spend an hour not even noticing it’s there.

We’re doing this for him. We’re going to look back and be so glad that we did what we could, even if we don’t get the end results we originally hoped for. At least we won’t be left with what ifs. At least we’ll know we did what we could.

And sometimes? That just has to be good enough.

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10 thoughts on “Helmet Update #5

  1. Sara Post author

    Of course you’re not doing it to make him pretty because he’s GORGEOUS ALREADY!

    So sorry for the frustration, but I’m sure it will all be worth it.

  2. Allie Post author

    I’m sorry it was not more progress. Hang in there. I promise you that are doing more for him than a lot of moms would do in the same situation. He’s got a super good mommy! Hang in there.

    Also, I’m glad you posted about the importance of the helmet. It’s important to make sure that info is out there and available to parents.

  3. Cole Post author

    I’m so sorry there wasn’t more progress… but there WAS progress! Mason is so lucky to have you fighting for him and doing everything you can to help him. Crossing my fingers for a growth spurt!

  4. Leahan Post author

    Thinking positive thoughts for Mason! Also just when you start questioning it all that’s when the growth spurt hits. It’ll happen, I know it! BTW good advice on 2nd opinions and not always listening to docs. Most of em really don’t know jack and a parent can spend twenty minutes on the internet and know more. Yesterday I got two different opinions from two different docs, I’m going with the one that actually told me what I had already discovered on the internet while searching.

  5. Melissa Post author

    I’m sure that’s got to be frustrating!! I can’t imagine how hard it is having to put him in that helmet every day but you know you are doing what’s best for him in the long run!! I’m sure it will keep getting better!

  6. Annie Post author

    Keep it up momma! I know it’s hard and can get discouraging, but this is SO minor in comparison to what some are going through. Hey, at least we have healthy kids. Right?!?!?! And the cost- that’s just a drop in the bucket to what we’ll spend on them in the long run. So, just know you didare doing what’s best and he’ll thank you for it when he gets older!


  7. Joanna Post author

    Great job for sticking with it! You’re definitely doing the best thing for him. And, I’m sure any progress is making a difference. It’s way better than things getting worse and worse. Thanks for all the info. I hadn’t really heard much about it previously, so this is really good to know if we have a 2nd baby.

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