Screw You, Fever!

So Saturday, Mason took a long morning nap (3 hours) and then willingly went down for an afternoon nap and once that reached 3 hours as well, I realized something strange was going on. Sure enough, he woke up with a 103 degree fever. I gave him some Tylenol and the rest of our night was quiet.

Sunday was much of the same. Lots of sleeping and a fever that was controlled by Tylenol and Motrin. In the middle of the night, his fever seemed to break and by Monday morning, his temperature was normal.

I wasn’t too  surprised when my phone rang at 1:30 and it was daycare asking me to come get him. He’d woken up from naptime with another 103º fever. I went and picked him up, called my ped (who told me to just watch him since he was eating, drinking, etc just fine) and took him home. He slept most of the evening. His fever spiked up to 104, which really worried me, but it came down within half an hour after I gave him Tylenol.  I debated on and off about taking him into Urgent Care but we had a doctor’s appointment scheduled at 8 am and then Urgent Care closed.

His temp was nearly normal when I checked on him at midnight and at 3, he woke up crying because he was cold (he had been sleeping just in a diaper). I bundled him up and he slept till morning. His temp was still normal this morning, but I’d learned my lesson the day before. Off to the doctor he and SuperDad went.

The verdict? Horrible raging ear infection and super strong antibiotics to treat it :o( I feel so bad that I didn’t take him in yesterday, but even his ped said to wait it out, so yeah…. Now that he’s home, he’s playing happily with Grandma, but he’s not eating. Didn’t want to breastfeed this morning, didn’t want his breakfast, didn’t want his bottle, he even turned down his new favorite food on earth – rice pudding. I’m hoping once his meds kick in his appetite will as well.

So since we’re just a giant sad cloud around here and don’t have any fun pictures for the second day in a row, I urge you guys to go check out this fun stuff to cheer you back up!

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5 thoughts on “Screw You, Fever!

  1. Cole Post author

    Oh, poor Mason! 🙁 I’ve been crabby here lately, too – I hope I’m not coming down with something!

  2. Ellen Post author

    Aww, poor little guy! Hope he starts feeling much better. There is nothing sadder than a sick baby!

  3. Kerry McCullough Post author

    Isn’t that so scary when fevers get that high? Niall had a fever of 103.5 last week and I took him to the emergency room, convinced he was dying. Of course, all they did was give him some Motrin and wait for the fever to break. But I can’t handle fevers higher than 101. Freaks me out!

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