We are Cursed! – Not Quite Wordless Wednesday 4/20

So on April 3rd, it hit 75º here. Mason and I went on TWO walks and played outside. It was glorious.

Later that week, we ordered some fun stuff to celebrate Spring finally arriving in Wisconsin.

(Glad we saved that Christmas gift card – Thanks Uncle Russ!)

(No, his plagio helmet is not crash approved LOL)

And for days when I don’t feel like leaving the yard LOL

Since these items have arrived at my house? It has snowed three times. The temperatures have not passed 45º  In fact, it’s snowing as I type this.

At this rate, the trailer might get to take it’s maiden voyage in June *sigh*

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One Year Ago – I turn Mason into E.T.

10 thoughts on “We are Cursed! – Not Quite Wordless Wednesday 4/20

  1. Lolo Post author

    Snow 3 times?! You will be able to use your new stuff in no time! (I hope o_0)
    What company makes that bike carriage? LOVE it!

  2. alissa Post author

    We’ve had early 40 degree weather here too. I live in Nebraska. It was nice, now cold and rainy for the past week!

  3. Stacie Post author

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your son is adorable!! 🙂 I am in Wisconsin too! 🙂 I always love meeting other Wisconsin mommys! I am down by Madtown! And yes I agree I am so over this weather! It is just a cruel joke to wake up to snow on the ground on April 19th!

  4. Randalin Post author

    What kind of bike trailer is that? We’ve been looking for one and this is the first one I’ve seen that comes in a nice colour!!

  5. Mama Post author

    This is too funny! We got that bike trailer for our baby shower and my husband has been dying to put it together for the past few weeks. Finally, we thought we’d be able to take it out this weekend, but now it’s supposed to rain. He put it together and then learned about the need for the helmet. Where did you get Mason’s helmet?

  6. Colleen Post author

    Question: What made you go with that bike tailor? We’ve been researching it, and that one was the narrowest of the three we have to decide between, so I was concerned about how two kids would fit into it. What are your thoughts now that you have it?

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