The Indoor Mecca We’ve Been Searching For

You’ve all heard me complain about the fact that we live in the sticks. We’re 2 hours away from any major city and an hour away from even a Target. There is NOTHING around here for young kids to do – if you’re not “play at an outdoor park” age, you’re out of luck. And since this is Wisconsin, there is snow on the ground for 5 (6 this year!) months of the year, so you’re out of luck either way.

I see all of my favorite bloggers talk about going to bounce houses, indoor playlands, StrollerStrides, Baby Gyms, and other fun indoor places that entertain the whole family for hours for pennies on the dollar. And I’m jealous. Oh so jealous. I’d have to drive two hours one way for any of these things, so that’s just not happening.

A few weekends ago, Mason was having a crabby day, I was having a “If I have to sit in this house for one more second I’m going to jump off a bridge” moment. I decided we were going to find a fast food restaurant with a ball pit or slides or SOMETHING. So we drove and we drove. Apparently, such a thing doesn’t exist. McDonalds? Nothin. Hardees? Nope. Another McDonalds? No way. Finally, I remembered Burger King had slides and tunnels so we went there and much to my dismay, their Playland was now another dining area. Struck out once again. We ended up walking around Shopko for half an hour and going back home.

Then, last Saturday, we were walking around Mendards (a Home Depot / Lowes type store) and I said I wanted to go out into the Garden Center. We walked around looking at garden creatures and flower pots and suddenly, the skies opened and the angels sang. They had an INDOOR PLAY AREA!!

There were swings!
There are lots of climbing things and slides that Mason can grow into
There were multiple play houses.
And they had a kiddie rollercoaster!
The only thing Mason wants to know? “When are we coming back again?!”
The only bummer is that the Garden Area isn’t insulated, so it’s COLD there in the winter, but hey, nothing bundling up can’t solve for a quick visit! And more importantly, we’ve solved the issue of what to do on the many rainy weekends to come!

7 thoughts on “The Indoor Mecca We’ve Been Searching For

  1. Little BGCG Post author

    I NEVER would have thought that’s where this play area was! I’ll have to check our store out to see what they have!

    Don’t mind me, we’re not shopping, we’re just playing 😉

  2. Mama Post author

    I’m always thinking the same thing when I see other mommy bloggers with these awesome indoor playgrounds. There is nothing like that around here either. We have malls nearby, but what fun are they? That is so cool that you found this place!

  3. patti Post author

    Also being in Wisconsin I know what you mena, also one day it is 70 and the next 4 inches of snow. The little kids are climbing thwe walls

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