I Heart Faces – Katze

Considering that my life revolved around my pets and animal welfare in general before I had Mason, it’s fairly shocking to me that I don’t write about them more on this blog.

So when I saw that this week’s theme is Pets over at I Heart Faces, I decided it was a perfect time to share my new favorite photo of Katze. He’ll be 13 years old this summer but doesn’t look a day over 7. His hobbies include sleeping, staring out the window, meowing incessantly when he’s hungry, and trying to get outside once it’s nice out.


9 thoughts on “I Heart Faces – Katze

  1. Lsquare Post author

    He looks quite worldly-wise and he definitely has his own way of viewing the world—beautiful color eyes, too….Thanks for stopping by to comment on Snickerdoodle’s picture….

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