Mason & the Easter Bunny

Apparently the Easter Bunny is more popular than Santa around here, because the line was WAY longer. Then again, that’s probably due to Santa being at the mall for 6 days and the Easter Bunny being there for four hours…. Either way, I expected a five minute trip like last time and instead we stood in line for a loooong time.

And then their printer broke…. Which would have been an awful thing, but after several minutes of three ladies scratching their heads and beating on it, one of them said the magic words “Is anyone taking their own pictures today??” And with that, we got to go ahead of the two dozen people waiting in line and visit the Easter Bunny.

The strange, long eyelashed, incredibly skinny “Why on earth are you wearing a hat??” Easter bunny. Mason was tired and cranky. The Easter Bunny was creepy. Behold.


Thank goodness we didn’t have to pay for these pictures! LOL


One Year Ago – Mason’s First Love

11 thoughts on “Mason & the Easter Bunny

  1. Cole Post author

    I didn’t notice on the FB pic that this bunny outfit is really just the head – what happened to the rest of the costume?! and Mason’s disgruntled expression made me LOL.

  2. LeeAnn Post author

    I am laughing so hard right now! OK, well not that hard. That bunny is ridiculously creepy. Those eyelashes look like something from KISS. haha The weird Crayola ball cap, the fact that the regular body didn’t match the head size, and the way the mouth is all puckered up, just added to it. Wow.

    Mason was still a trooper, though, huh? At least he got near the weird Easter Bunny…Bryce had a death grip on me that I still have nail marks from!

    I hope you guys had a great Easter!

  3. Meg Herald Post author

    haha before I started to read, my first thought was, hmm that’s creepy Easter bunny haha Mason didn’t seem to mind it too much haha he seemed annoyed more than scared like other kids are

  4. Ellen Post author

    Happy Easter Mason!

    That is definitely a creepy bunny. Who designs these costumes? Looks like Mason was a good sport for it, and they’re cute of him!

  5. TracePoo Post author

    Wow Mason did great considering that bunny is kinda creepy! We tried to take BJ to the Easter bunny and he cried… no, not cried, sobbed. lol.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!!

  6. Stefanie Post author

    He doesn’t look very impressed! I don’t blame him-that bunny is creepy! That’s great that you got to take your own picture!

  7. Allie Post author

    I am so confused right now. A female Easter bunny with human body and giant man hands. Awesome.

    And what’s up with the eyes?????

    Yeah Mason, I’d try to get away too. Smart boy!

  8. Summer Post author

    That is the scariest freaking bunny rabbit I have ever seen. Like, horror movie scary. Your son is very cute though.

  9. Colleen Post author

    Holy smokes that bunny! I was at the mall the day before the Easter Bunny showed up, and then we were on our way to FL and didn’t make it back to the mall, so no 1st Easter Bunny pictures for The Munchkin. I was a lot more sad until I saw these. Maybe it was for the best…

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