Guest Post – The Positive Twos – by Julie from 3 Moms in 1

Today I’m happy to welcome Julie from one of the first “Mommy Blogs” I ever loved – 3 Moms in 1! When she asked what she should write about, I shared my fears that while Mason is only 13 months, ALL I see on twitter and blogs is how tantrum-y horrible “send me some wine” the Terrible Twos are and how it’s been making me want to stop time. Since her adorable Amelia just turned 3, she was the perfect person to address this very subject!

Mason’s Mom asked a really great question yesterday:

“Are there any positive sides to the twos?”

Despite having some rough days last fall, my answer came quick. YES! There are absolutely some wonderful adventures throughout
the two-year-old period.


The year between age two and three is astounding in terms of physical growth. Before your eyes, your squishy baby will become
an actual kid. My parents were shocked at Amelia’s changes between visits. Even if just a month had passed, they
could immediate see a change in her. She sprouted up a few inches, her hair grew long and more curly, and her body became more
muscular and lean. It may be sad to see your baby go away, but it is a lot of fun to get a glimpse into who they will become.

Amelia at 2


Two-year-olds are very active! Playing no longer means sitting on the floor or toddling slowly through the backyard. Get ready to
rev up your engine, because it is a year for running! Not to mention climbing, sliding, swinging, and maybe even spinning around in
circles. Those playgrounds you were nervous around last year? Piece of cake for an adventurous two-year-old.


Get a kick out of your 1-year-old’s grins and giggles? Just wait… the third year of life is when personality really begins to blossom.
This year, your child will begin saying new words on a daily basis. He or she will learn how to be funny. You will start to find out more
about your child’s passions. Amelia? She is a total princess. Skirts must be frilly, shoes must have sparkles, and accessories (usually
tiaras or sunglasses) must be within arm’s reach. I thought for sure we had a tomboy on our hands. Amelia proved us wrong!


This is my favorite part of the twos! Imaginative play shines this year. Stuffed animals and dolls become magically real in a child’s
world. Role playing is prevalent. You begin to really see what shapes your child’s world. Not a day goes by that Amelia doesn’t play
Mommy, or Teacher, or Princess. It has truly been a joy to see her imagination grow.

Amelia at 3

Don’t be too fearful of those terrible twos. Yes, you will have some painful days, but stay consistent with discipline and remember:
this too, shall pass. Smile and enjoy this year of transformation.

Thanks so much Julie! The next time I see a “Did you know that the terrible twos really start at 15 months!?” tweet, instead of plugging my ears and going “LA LA LA!” I’ll think back to your great words of wisdom about all the POSITIVE things about the twos! And as for the rest of you – go check out her blog!!

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  1. Allie Post author

    There are rough days in the Terrible Two phase but gosh darn it, they are sooo cute at this age being stuck somewhere between a baby and a preschooler.

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