Best of Intentions: No!

So once upon a time in a far away land (also known as: before Mason started crawling) I had this idea that I had had confirmed in many locations. I wasn’t going to be one of those harpie mothers screeching “NO!!” at my child every time he turned around. No way, not me. I was going to do like all the articles said – “Don’t do that, honey, let’s do this instead!” “Pet that doggy nice, he doesn’t want you to jump on him” “Look over here at this fun distraction instead!” After all, I didn’t want one of my kid’s first words to be “No!” or to get confused and think that’s his name, right?!

Wellllllllllllllll…………….. those parents are apparently way more patient/calm/have drugged their children. The nightly soundtrack at my house sounds like this –

“NO Mason!! Get off that gate!!”

“NO Mason – leave the dog alone!!”

“Mason, stop crawling on the dog bed… NO NO NO!!!”

“Are you gonna eat your food or throw… NO!! Don’t do that!!”

“No, we don’t play in the bathroom…”

“No, it’s not bathtime.”

“NO don’t run over the dogs with your walker!”

“Let’s play with this instead.. NOOOO……”

Yeah, so much for best on intentions. At least he hasn’t started telling US no… yet….

8 thoughts on “Best of Intentions: No!

  1. Sara Post author

    My niece likes to do things she knows she’s not supposed to while looking at her parents and saying, “no no no”

    I think it’s hilarious…her parents? Not so much. Thankfully Pie hasn’t hit that stage yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.

  2. Tiffany Post author

    I think we all had these grand ideas of things we were going to do and not do after having kids. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we pass.
    Heck, if you want to still accomplish it, you can say” No! (insert name) don’t do that! Let’s do this!” So it’s a combined scolding and redirecting.
    Parenting is always a work in progress I say.

  3. Allie Post author

    I have tried my hardest to not say “no” so much but sometimes, you have too. It’s a fast way to get their attention when they are doing something they really should not be doing.

  4. Cole Post author

    “No” is my most favorite word EVER… as long as *I’m* saying it. I do NOT love it when Mommy tells me no. Mommy tries *so* hard to be patient and redirect and distract – and it does get easier – but there are still days when she feels like “no” is all she says.

  5. Jennie Post author

    Hahaha – that could easily be the soundtrack to my house… just switch out Mason for John 🙂 They are ornery!!!

  6. Colleen Post author

    Ha, The Munchkin already shakes his head “no” at me. I don’t know if that is just a baby thing or if I’ve shaken my head at him 10 too many times…

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