New Skill: Climbing

With Mason’s “delayed” gross motor skills, I was hoping that he wouldn’t learn to climb things until he was, oh, I don’t know, 2 or 3?! Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case

(Please excuse the ridiculously poor quality camera phone photos)

“Just gotta get this one foot up here….”

“I’m flying!”

“I told you I could do it!!”

“All this work and you’re not even impressed!?

He also can now climb over diaper boxes as well, so my elaborate obstacle course to get to the cat’s water bowl is now totally useless. Three outfit changes later, I gave up on moving them yet again and had a soggy WeeMan for the rest of the afternoon.

One Year Ago Yesterday – Picture!

One Year Ago Today – Sleeping through the Night??

5 thoughts on “New Skill: Climbing

  1. Miranda Post author

    That third picture is too adorable! And even though I know now you’re in for more work–yay little man!!

  2. Kerry McCullough Post author

    Ha! That last one is so cute! Oh, he’ll be climbing onto much more soon… you’ll walk into your family room one day and he’ll be standing on the couch (and your heart will be in your stomach). But they learn to get down just as well as they got up… eventually 😉

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