Plagiocephaly Update #6

Five more weeks have passed since our last visit to the helmet doctor.

This time, we saw even less (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less) improvement than last time. *sigh*

We’re at a damned if we do, damned if we don’t crossroads right now. He could wear the helmet for another month and have no improvement. He could stop wearing the helmet today and next week, go through a big growth spurt that would cause his head to adjust 2-3 mm in a single week… if only we hadn’t stopped. Or anything in between. There is no way of knowing.

We’re giving it one last shot. He’ll keep wearing his helmet until mid-June with his final checkup on June 22nd. Once we’re into June, he probably won’t wear his helmet to daycare on the super hot days because I’m worried about him overheating while playing outside. But he’ll still wear it at home and overnight on those days. And then slowly, we’ll phase those times out too.

I’m at peace with this decision. Other than the overheating problem (which is more my worry than his) he doesn’t mind his helmet at all.  The other day, he was trying to put it back on twenty minutes after I took it off.   Another 5 weeks will fly by as quickly as these last 5 did.  He’ll have had the helmet for five months by the time we go to our last appointment. We did what we could do and we won’t have to look back and go “If only we’d tried that helmet, maybe his head shape would be better!” No guilt, no worries, we did all we could.

Here’s to a summer filled with wispy blonde hair blowing in the wind, clothing that fits without concerns about fitting over a helmet, and ballcaps on an adorable little boy with a slightly-misshaped head. These days are on their way!

One Year Ago – Little Peapod

9 thoughts on “Plagiocephaly Update #6

  1. Sara Post author

    Cheers to that! I can’t wait for the blonde wispy pictures of a gorgeous boy whose head shape I don’t even notice because his smile is too cute!! 🙂

  2. Joanna Post author

    Yay for Mason graduating from his helmet! It’s really great that you were so dedicated to helping him with this. You definitely did all that you could, and I’m sure his head shape is much improved from what it would have been. Can’t wait to see those summer pictures.

  3. Cole Post author

    I’m glad you tried the helmet so you have no regrets, but I’m also glad for you guys that you’re almost done! Here’s hoping he gets one last growth spurt in before you kick the helmet to the curb… Can’t wait to see the summer fun!

  4. Joanna Post author

    5 weeks will fly by! I agree you are making the right decision and before you know it you will have tons of wispy blonde hair pics 🙂

  5. Ellen Post author

    I’m sure it will go by fast, and it sounds like Mason barely notices it at this point! And oh man, will he be adorable tearing around in a little baseball cap for the summer.

  6. Annie Post author

    I’m sorry the results have not been what you had wished for. BUT—You’ve done what you could and that’s all you can do. Only look forward! And hey—-at least you won’t have to deal with the helmet too much longer! I sure hope the next time we go they’ll give us a HELMET-OFF date. I’m sick of it. Easton gets SO FRUSTURATED with it sometimes. It’s 90 degrees in Nashville right now and they play outside 2 times a day…heat=cranky baby. helmet + heat= melt down at any moment cranky baby! Cheers to you momma for doing what was best for Mason~!

  7. Allie Post author

    Lots of prayers coming your way for some improvement. I don’t blame you not wanting him to wear it in the heat. It’s way too hot!

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