Daisy Doodles September 24, 2000 – May 27, 2011

I lost one of my best friends on Friday. She was diagnosed with cancer on Wednesday and was set free from pain Friday afternoon. I never expected to lose her so soon, nor so quickly.

I’m one of “those” people. A crazy dog person. My dogs are 100% part of the family, they vacation with us, get Christmas presents, and are just as big of part of our daily lives as Mason. Most of our vacations over the last seven years have been to greyhound events and I’ve been at a hotel with my dogs more often than without.

Daisy came to us as a foster dog – we pulled her out of a bad home after receiving an emergency call from our greyhound adoption group. We were the only people who lived within a few hours of the people who called to give her up and they wanted her out of there THAT DAY. Other than being a female dog that would take the alpha dog role, she was nothing like what we were looking for in a second dog, although I don’t remember what else was on that long list of requirements any longer. We went to pick her up with the intent to keep her for two weeks until someone from the southern part of the state could come get her. That was in July.

In August she went on vacation with us and in September, her adoption group sent for her to do her vetting and in response, we signed the adoption papers.

In the past five years, she’s taught Joe to chatter his teeth (adorable) and dig holes in the yard (not so adorable) She helped him get through his separation anxiety (major plus) and added to his thunderstorm phobia (not a plus). She would stomp her foot and bark at us if she had to go out and we were ignoring her (even though greyhounds “don’t” bark) and would pogo on her back legs any time she thought she was going to get to go for a walk or a car ride. She had no concept of personal space and for a long time was convinced she was a 65 pound lap dog.

The adjustment to Mason wasn’t always an easy one. We’d trained her to jump up and give hugs and she couldn’t do it anymore once I got pregnant. Endlessly nosing me for pets when I was trying to feed a newborn wasn’t quite welcome. She was the dog I most worried about once he got here and it turned out I had little to worry about. She was our shadow and slept by his crib most nights. As Mason got older, just seeing Daisy walk in the room would set him off in a fit of giggles and throwing food from his highchair to attract her was one of his favorite activities.

There’s a huge hole in our family these days, one we’re really struggling with. Thanks for your patience as I took/take some time off to mourn this unexpected loss. And if you have pets at home, please pet them and hug them from me – you never know how soon that you may be saying goodbye.

15 thoughts on “Daisy Doodles September 24, 2000 – May 27, 2011

  1. Ellen Post author

    I’m so sorry. We had to put our little rescue dog to sleep a few weeks after Eliot was born and it was so, so hard. Our pets are true members of the family and losing one of them is heartbreaking. I still grieve regularly for our little guy. Daisy was lucky to have such a wonderful home.

  2. Annie Post author

    Praying for your and your family. I am so sorry. The animals truly are part of our family. We vacation with Kirby too and she really was the center until Easton was born. She shares the center now, but has gracefully made the change. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  3. Allie Post author

    Sweetie, I am crying with you. You gave her a wonderful life and I’m for sure she was always grateful for that. Shelter/rescue pets always make the best companions. Rest in peace sweet Daisy.

  4. Pookie Post author

    What a loving tribute. I’m so sorry about Daisy, I know how much you cared about her. She was lucky to find you and Paul and her real forever home.

  5. Jayme from WI Post author

    That first picture is one of my all time favorite pics of her. She looks so stately in that photo.

    I’m so sorry for your loss and send Healing Thoughts to your family.



  6. LeeAnn Post author

    I am SO SORRY for your loss. I know your pain, and I am sitting here feeling it right now with tears in my eyes. There is nothing I can say to make it better. Daisy had a great life with you and she was lucky to be a part of such a great family. She knows she was loved.

    Take all the time you need. I don’t think it gets easier, but it gets different. I still miss my Cosmo like it was yesterday.

  7. The Jacobsen Family Post author

    I am so so sorry! It has been a year since we lost our first baby, our dog Trixie, and I still find myself talking about “the dogS” and calling her name from time to time. But the pain does get easier to handle after time. Hang in there.

  8. Colleen Post author

    I’m so sorry to hear about your pup! We lost a kitty to cancer, and it was very hard on us, more so I think because John was away at basic training. At least she’s not in pain anymore.

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