First time for everything – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday 6/1

Lots and lots of fresh air + mostly walking these days + one short nap all day EQUALS

Guess the chicken nuggets were the final straw!

15 thoughts on “First time for everything – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday 6/1

  1. Mimi Post author

    tee hee hee that is hysterical! I can’t remember if I have any photos like that. With 4 kids I’m sure I do somewhere! Keep this one for his senior year!

  2. Jayme from WI Post author


    There is a similar picture of me, but instead of nuggets, I’m sleeping in a pillow of mashed potatoes. :-/ LoL!


  3. LeeAnn Post author

    I LOVE these kinds of pictures, and I swear I’m the only one without one. My kids never did this. Too funny!

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