Sleep Begets Sleep

The 2-3 hours between Mason’s bedtime and mine are my “me time” where I get the house picked up, read a book, blog, watch some tv, and just relax. Last night, I had planned to clean the whole house during this time, as well as write two blog entries – one for Father’s Day and today’s post about our day yesterday.

Apparently, Mason had other plans. I always forget that while toddlers are “little people” they’re not little adults. Their body doesn’t work in the same way. So while I can fall right to sleep after a long busy day that was totally off schedule, a toddler can not. Mason proved that last night.

We went to see a parade at noon when normally he naps from 11:30-2. Then we hung out with Auntie Sarah while she sold her beautiful jewelry and after running many laps around the park, exhausted Mason fell asleep in his stroller on the way back to the car. He napped through the stroller to car transition and again during the car to crib transition, then slept for about two hours.  I didn’t think much of this since he often naps from 5-7 after daycare and goes right back to bed at 8:00.

Bedtime rolled around last night, and we did the usual routine – pajamas, milk, helmet, and then into the crib. As soon as I stood up to carry him to his crib, he started sobbing. He cried in his crib until he was frantic and I gave up and took him out. Figuring maybe he wasn’t tired quite yet, I let him play quietly for a while. Once he started yawing and rubbing his eyes, we tried again. I picked him up and walked towards the crib and the sobbing bagan again. FAIL.

By 10:00, I had tried changing his diaper, changing his pajamas, checking his helmet, giving him Tylenol, putting him back in the Woombie (after not using it for weeks), rocking him, reading 18 pages of a book to him while he laid in his crib half asleep and NOTHING WORKED. I was out of every ounce of patience I had.

At 10:20, I started bedtime again. Checked his diaper, put his tornado of a crib back together, gave him another bottle, and put him to bed. I then went and locked myself in the bathroom and finished scrubbing his bath toys and by the time I was done, he was finally asleep and it was time for me to do the same.

He woke up crying a handful of times through the night and again this morning at 6:30 but luckily went back to sleep right after. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the same….

Note to self: the 11:30 nap is never happening at 4 pm EVER again.

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4 thoughts on “Sleep Begets Sleep

  1. randalin Post author

    We had a really similar night. In fact, last night Kris was looking over my shoulder while I was reading my twitter feed and saw your tweet and said “oh look – someone else had the worst night every too!”
    We always end up off schedule on the weekends and ALWAYS pay for it. When will we ever learn???

  2. Allie Post author

    Ahhh. The lovely off schedule kick in the booty. We’ve been down that road a few times and it SUCKS.

  3. Olivia Post author

    We have SO been there the last few weeks. I sometimes wonder how us parents make it on such little sleep. It’s insane!! Hope your nights are going better!!

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