Plagiocephaly Update #7: Final Update


Last Wednesday, Mason went to see Dr. Doug for his final head evaluation. We had decided before that we were done with the helmet either way, as it has been five months and with the heat and the slow growth, it was just TIME.  The last appointment we had, he had basically zero improvement and we weren’t holding our breath.

(The stocking smooths down his duck fluff hair so a more accurate scan can be taken of his head)

Well, in the past 7 weeks, I’m happy to say that he improved more than he has in the entire 5 months combined! Yay for FINALLY getting a small growth spurt! We didn’t reach our original goal, but I was very happy to see the progress.

He wore his helmet to daycare on Thursday and Friday and had it off at home where we could watch him and help him transition into a world where knocking your head on the wall to hear cool sounds is not any fun and flopping angrily on the floor head first to have a a tantrum is not only unproductive, but hurts!

He’s been without the helmet since Friday evening and other than some rugburn (oops) and a few scratches, he’s getting the hang of things. It’s so weird to see him without his helmet more than an hour a day, so we’re all adjusting!

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14 thoughts on “Plagiocephaly Update #7: Final Update

  1. Miranda Post author

    Congrats on the improvement, that’s awesome!! His smile is just so adorable. 🙂

  2. Sara Post author

    I am so so happy you saw improvement! His head really does look great! Along with the whole rest of his face… 🙂

  3. LeeAnn Post author

    You know, I was noticing more and more pictures of Mason without his helmet, and I meant to ask you if you guys were done with it. I am SO GLAD that he had some results! With that stocking cap thing on, his head looks perfectly shaped to me, so the results are definitely noticeable. And yay for the fact that he doesn’t have to wear that helmet anymore. Even though it was super cute, I’m sure he is much more comfortable without it.

    So now what? Anything else? Or is that it?

  4. Mama Post author

    Yay for growth spurts! Happy to hear he had some improvement. I remember reading the last update about how you felt like you just had to do it for one more month because what if? And there you go, your efforts finally paid off. May his helmet free days be filled with no head banging but lots of fun exploring!

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