Waterfest Parade

A few weekends ago, we hit the biggest town festival in our area to watch the parade and help Auntie Sarah sell some jewelry.

It’s amazing how much of a different experience this parade was from the one just two weeks earlier. Mason clapped for the bands, waved at the floats, and pointed to the trucks (as opposed to just watching kids run for candy) and had a BLAST.



He also made a friend of a nearby spectator and kept luring her over by throwing his toys and cup on the ground for her to bring back to him. Smart little flirt I have.

After the parade, we went down to Art in the Park and were going to help sell some jewelry, but unfortunately Mason had other plans.

He ran and ran and ran and tried to climb on top of every single dog, smash every flower, and graby every breakable item in his reach.  After doing approximately 2342394808 laps around the park and spending an entire 4 minutes with Sarah, we went home.

Apparently, all the fun wore him out.


Last Year’s Waterfest Parade

8 thoughts on “Waterfest Parade

  1. Randalin Post author

    Mason should be a parade marshall. I don’t know what that entails exactly, but I’m pretty sure he qualifies.

  2. Jessica Post author

    Little Mason is so adorable!
    I’ve been taking my baby nephews swimming twice a week for a month and they love it too!

    Why did you put a helmet on the cutie’s head though? 🙁
    My 4-month-old nephew has been sleeping on a Lifenest and (unlike his older brothers) he didn’t get a flat head! + the helmet is super expensive, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I hope you two have fun and that your little charmer stays as cute!

  3. Francesca Post author

    Ahh! I use the Lifenest too and love it! But it’s for babies 0-5 months old so not for little Mason…who by the way looks like he had an amazing time!

    I love your blog! Great pics!!

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