Outdoor Pool Adventures

On Saturday, I took Mason to the outdoor pool for his first real pool time of the year. I was eager to see how comfortable he would be in the water after his swimming lesson’s this fall.

When he first got into the water, he cried, and then he proceeded to float around in his floaty while looking unsure.

After a while, he enjoyed himself watching the other kids and playing with the sifter cups that another mother was so nicely sharing with us. He still cried if anyone splashed him though.

We alternated between the floaty and standing in the water but the second time he went from standing to floating face down in the water in a matter of two seconds, I decided that standing in the water was not yet his thing (I was sitting RIGHT THERE and it still scared us both half to death!)

Pretty soon, he discovered he could crawl out of the pool and he sat poolside for a while and then proceeded to check the place out.

Then he spotted the playground down the hill.

And then he ran like heck when I tried to strip him down to change him into dry clothes.

All in all, the first pool trip of the summer was a success. Kind of bummed that it cost $4 for me to go sit in 2 foot deep water, but whatever! I think we’ll look into getting a season pass so we can go a few times a week while the weather is nice!

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