Mason’s First Jeep Ride

So as you guys all know by now, we basically spend all of our time together these days getting into trouble or going to a playground. Seriously, every single night, we either hit up a playground or SuperDad takes Mason on a bike ride. I have no clue what we’re going to do once it gets 20 degrees below zero again and five feet of snow covers every slide and swing in the area.

The other day, we stopped at the Menards playground that I posted about a while ago and it was awesome to see how much more brave Mason was. He rode on the little kiddie coaster without me holding on to him, he went down the slides by himself, and he really wanted to play on the PowerWheels (much too big for him still!) and in this jeep.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Mason’s First Jeep Ride

  1. Sarah Post author

    So cute! I love the new look. How did you do it where it changes the button automatically on other blogs?

  2. Cole Post author

    So much fun – it’s been a bit too hot lately for the playgrounds here – but that just means I get to go to the pool with Daddy after my nap. 🙂

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