16 Months

In a mere two months, Mason will be 1 1/2 years old. How is that even possible?! He gets cuter and smarter every day and is just amazing to watch learn and grow!

Here’s our monthly list to review life with Mason during his 16th month:

  • He still wears size 3 diapers and is now wearing mostly 12 month clothes. The pants are still too big in the waist for him though.
  • Was firmly in the 25th percential for weight and height at his 15 month checkup (at 15.5 months)
  • Grew out of all of his new size four shoes I bought him… most before he wore them
  • Size five shoes are still way too big. Figures.
  • Graduated from his plagiocephaly helmet
  • Went to a cookout at his Auntie Sarah’s parents house
  • Occasionally signs more and eat appropriately
  • Went to two parades
  • Has started to refuse certain food and eats poorly some days
  • Had a bit of few rough nights of sleep
  • Started getting in some molars
  • Loves to brush his teeth
  • Loves singing “Row Row Row your boat” with people (“Row Row Row wa ba” – cutest thing EVER)
  • Plays outside every night the weather allows
  • Watched his first fireworks
  • Spent three nights at Grandma & Grandpas
  • Went swimming for the first time all summer
  • Says stuff that vaguely sounds like “Here You Go” and “Thank You”
  • Got to play with his cousin Chloe
  • Loves to dance. If he really gets going, he’ll even dance to commercials
  • Loves his blue stuffed doggy and his shopping cart
  • Makes a lot of “real” words as well
  • Loves his fruit – tropical fruit, blueberries, raspberries, and oranges
  • Celebrated the 4th of July with a cookout and watertable fun
  • Learned to pull paper towels and toilet paper off their rolls
  • Hid my cellphone very well
  • Loves to say “Alll duh!!” whenever he’s ready to quit (riding in his carseat, eating, sitting in his highchair, riding in the cart)
  • Hit his friend Buzz kitty who no longer will come near him :o(
  • His favorite non-toys are diapers and phones/remotes
  • Loves having hats and sunglasses put on but rips them off immediately

I think that pretty much covers it! He changes and grows so much every month! It’s just crazy!! Looking forward to what the next month brings :o)

6 thoughts on “16 Months

  1. Amanda M. Post author

    He is so cute! I love that he even licked the bowl, it must have been really good yogurt! It is amazing how fast kids grow. One minute you are holding them in your arms and the next they are throwing yogurt at you. Okay, maybe that last one is just me 😉

  2. Cole Post author

    Oooh, new header, I like!

    Mason is a peanut like me. 🙂 Has he tried watermelon yet? I love fruit, too, and that’s one of my very favorites! Did he like the fireworks? I’m sort of on the fence about them = they’re pretty, but a little loud – and Henry *hates* them!

  3. Joanna Post author

    I love this list! He is getting so big 🙂 Aren’t molars the worst? Hope Mason handles them better than my J does!

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