15 thoughts on “Mason’s First Ice Cream Cone – Wordless Wednesday 7-27

  1. kewkew Post author

    Love the shocked expression in the first shot. He definitely decided he liked it though, didn’t he? Too cute.

  2. Cole Post author

    Yum! You have NO idea how much I love ice cream – or “mimi” as I call it. Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you? Daddy got perfect teeny tiny toddler-sized ice cream cones from them – they are so yummy! I think they’re chocolate ice cream, though, and they have a chocolate shell over the ice cream part. Mommy keeps stealing them…

  3. Uyen Post author

    these are such adorable pictures. That is one big ice cream cone too…or maybe it just looks big next to your little one. But his expressions are priceless!

  4. Ellen Post author

    Hey, one more thing. Is that a full-shirt bib he is wearing? If so whoa, we totally, totally need one over here.

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