Mason’s Got Style!

Anyone who knows me “in real life” is probably shocked to see how well Mason is dressed because I’m definitely a t-shirt and jeans type of girl and I think nothing of wearing a t-shirt for a few hours on a Friday night and then throwing it back on on Saturday (assuming I wasn’t out somewhere smokey or getting dirty or sweaty, obviously) Mason on the other hand, has a wardrobe twice the size of SuperDad and mine combined and friends and the daycare staff are always commenting on how cute his clothes are. Up until he got his helmet in January, I don’t think Mason had worn the same outfit to daycare twice before. And no, we’re not crazy people who spend a million dollars on baby clothes – I’m just a thrift sale and JCPenney (and other similar stores) clearance junkie!

I don’t know if you’ve looked at little boy’s clothes lately, but once they hit one year old, it’s alllll about the sports and the toughness. “Football Champion” “Daddy’s Tough Guy” etc etc. Me? I want my little man to be an animal lover and at this age would much rather he wear a puppy or penguin shirt than the same “Future Brewer’s All-star” shirt that everyone and their cousin has. The other big thing is cartoon characters of course. If Mason could care less about Thomas the Tank Engine or Cars, I figure I might as well enjoy not seeing them on every square inch of his body while I can, since I know the days of character obsession are on their way!

Scouring the thrift stores and clearance racks, we manage to find adorable t-shirts and overalls filled with happy animals. Puppy overalls, rainbow bear tank tops, all sorts of fun creative outfits that could possibly be why he’s often mistaken for a child younger than he is – but you know what? I figure the next year or so is the only chance I will have to dress him adorably without him going “No! This one!” so I’m going to take every opportunity I can to take advantage of that!

He may still be at the age where he’s too young to run to the closet and pick out his own clothes, but Mason definitely adds flair to his outfits all on his own. Mason will probably hate me later in life for telling you guys this, but this kid loves bracelets! You know the rubber bracelets (such as Live Strong, etc)? He’s OBSESSED with them. He gets super excited anytime he sees one and immediately throws it on his wrist. Every time he puts his arm down, it falls right off and boom, he’s right there putting it back on! Auntie Sarah gave him a beaded (adult) bracelet from her jewelry store and he carries that thing around the house and puts it on his wrist over and over. If he sees me wearing a bracelet, he tries his hardest to take it off me to put it on himself.

Mason also LOVES shoes! Any time he’s not wearing shoes, he brings me every pair he can find. He brings me his shoes and sits down in front of me and says “Shoooooes!!” and sometimes tries to put our shoes on while wearing shoes. It’s adorable! The few times we’ve been near the shoe section in the store and he’s noticed it, he’s nearly lost his little mind! It’s totally adorable. Being in a rural area, basically the only options we have for kid’s shoes are Wal-mart type stores so everyone at daycare is always noticing his Stride Rite shoes that I buy off eBay. Speaking of shoes – have you ever noticed that there are 2-3 options for size 2-4 boy shoes and 15+ options for girl shoes?! SOOO annoying!

To finish off Mason’s personal style, he refuses to wear hats and thinks sunglasses are hilarious, but won’t keep them on for more than 30 seconds. But if you ever see us in a crowd, you’ll know it’s us by his adorable puppy shirts and shrieks of “Shooooooessss………” while he plays with his “Fix your critter” rubber bracelet. My boy? He’s got Mason style!

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5 thoughts on “Mason’s Got Style!

  1. Amie Post author

    I also don’t like once boys clothes hit a “mini-man” style instead of little kid style. I’d happily still be dressing Q in animals, too!

    And I have absolutely noticed that about shoes. It’s annoying. But I feel like that’s most clothes in general. Always looking over and seeing a ton of girl stuff with what feels like a small selection of boy stuff.

  2. Cole Post author

    Ohmigosh, Mommy *hates* glancing over at the girls shoe side of the store in ENVY. My shoes are usually so boring! Stride Rite runs some pretty good sales fairly often, if you sign up for their emails.

    Daddy is not a big sports nut, so Mommy doesn’t like to get me all the athletic themed stuff -and as I get older, it’s harder and harder to ignore! We *love* Crazy 8, and they have some great clearance sales! 77kids was recommended to us, too, but we haven’t checked that put yet…

  3. Colleen @ Mommy Panda Post author

    I HATE BABY BOY SHOE SHOPPING!!! All I wanted was a pair of black sandals for The Munchkin, but have I been able to fine some? NOPE! Which is why he wears the same brown ones over and over and over. Grrr.

  4. Randalin Post author

    Mason and Kale sound like they’ve been trading notes! Kale also LOVES shoes and is always bringing me his and then mine (this might be more about getting outside than loving shoes though). He’s started to warm to hats, but still refuses to wear sunglasses. And I couldn’t agree with you more about not liking the boys clothes will silly slogans about being tough, loving trucks, or being daddy’s assistant for who knows what. I like simple, bright coloured clothes (why does 90% of boys clothes have to be blue and brown???). It’s so hard to find!

  5. Sara Post author

    The character stuff makes me a little crazy. Some of it is cute, but I’d really rather not commercialize my kid. Thankfully I have some awesome friends, with great taste, who have girls a little older than Pie and I get all kinds of awesome hand me downs!

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