Mason Makes Words #3

Another few weeks have gone by and I think it’s time for another update! (Updates 1 and 2) I love hearing this little boy talk and it’s so fun every time he learns something new!

The new favorite phrase is “Oh no!” It’s replaced “Eh oh” and is said in the saddest voice – like he just watched his favorite balloon pop or something.

He’s also started saying “Owie” which is really sad! I’m totally torn on this one because he says it in context (bumps his head on something, reaches up and says owie) but he also says it randomly – like sometimes when I pick him up. On these occassions, I don’t see anything that could have possibly hurt but then think “Well, he’s too young to pretend, so have I really been hurting him all this time!?” so that’s been kind of stressful because he seriously says it dozens of times a day.

He says “Thank you” nearly every time you give him something (although it’s more like “Tan too”) and has also started reaching for stuff and saying it too, which means I need to start teaching “Please!” I guess.

His love of saying “Joe” is back and now every black dog is Joe, including photos.

He will hand us something and say something that sounds vaguely like “Here you go!” but it wouldn’t be recognized by anyone else.

He signs eat when we ask him if he’s hungry (and runs to his highchair and tries to climb in)

He randomly said “Choo choo” at his train the other day, but I haven’t heard it again.

We’re trying to teach him the word “Help” and the sign for “Sleep” since he’s been doing a lot of dragging his blanket out of his crib and laying down lately – would be nice to know if he was just playing or if that’s his own sign language. LOL

I can’t wait to see what he learns in the weeks to come!

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6 thoughts on “Mason Makes Words #3

  1. Cole Post author

    “Oh no” is my favorite, too – but I’ve started adding an “s” to the end randomly. “Oh noS!”

    I don’t think Mason’s too young to pretend – I started picking up the phone and holding it to my ear to chatter, and feeding my toys (saying “yum yum!”) at about his age, I think – so I wouldn’t worry too much that you’re hurting him when you pick him up!

    I try to climb into my high chair, too!

  2. Stacy Post author

    He is absolutely adorable!! Glad to have found you from the hop, I’m now following!!

  3. Randalin Post author

    I love these posts! It’s so cute to hear the new words and expressions that little ones come up with! As for “owie” – I doubt you’re hurting him. I find that when Kale learns a new word he says it all.the.time – sometimes in context and sometimes not. I’m sure if you were actually hurting him he would have let you know long before he had the words 🙂

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