Stop – Pajama Time!

With Mason being in his helmet from January – June, we missed out on the opportunity for him to wear a lot of his cute winter outfits because we were limited to stuff that a: he wouldn’t get too warm in (aka no long sleeves or bootie feet) and b: had a large enough neck to fit over his helmet so daycare could dress and undress him without removing his helmet.

One of the things that bothered me the most was his huge collection of adorable pajamas. I mean, there is nothing cuter than a little boy in footie pajamas, right?

We took advantage of a stormy morning and cool central air the other day to break out some serious cuteness and have a pajama morning.

“Seriously, would you want YOUR picture taken first thing in the morning, Momma?!”

“Yay for blocks!”

“Yep, I’m cute and I know it!”

“Ooooh, do you see what I see?!”

“There’s something under here!!”

“Butt paste! Yay!”

Digging in the cupboards is so much fun!”

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  1. Sara Post author

    LOL he’s awesome! I was just thinking the other day that his head looks so good in your recent posts.

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