The Birthday Trifecta

Today is a very happy day in history!

13 years ago, our beloved Katze was born! Katze came to us from my dad’s best friend when he found his foster kid trying to drown 7 week old Katze in their fish pond. The irony of the sitation was that my dad hated cats and is allergic to them, so our house was the last place he should have brought him. I spent those first few months of Katze’s life being sure that he would be evicted at any momement, but 13 years, 1 cat, 2 dogs, another house, and a baby later, he’s still here.


26 years ago, Mason’s Auntie Molly (of Infertile Nanny fame) was born! Mason loves his Auntie and wishes her a very happy birthday!! Go swing over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

30 years ago, Mason’s Uncle Greg was born! We unfortunately didn’t get to see him at the family picnic on Saturday, so some bloggy birthday wishes will have to do. Happy Birthday, Uncle Greg!


Happy Birthday you guys!!


This time one year ago – All About Greyhounds / Mason’s First Picnic

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