17 Months

Another month has passed and this little man is now SEVENTEEN months old!! People have told me that time will fly faster than you could ever imagine once you have kids and now I totally 100% believe that!

In his 17 month, Mason:

  • still wears size 3 diapers
  • still wears 12 month clothes
  • won’t let us count his teeth
  • but loves to brush his teeth
  • eats 3 meals and two snacks a day
  • had his last bottle of breastmilk
  • which means NO MORE bottles
  • takes one 2 hour nap a day
  • goes to bed at 8 pm unless Mommy and Daddy suck and keep him up later
  • got a room darkening shade in his bedroom so he sleeps till 8:30 on weekends!
  • went to the zoo for the first time
  • feeds himself well with his silverwear but still gives up halfway through and eats with his hands
  • spent a huge amount of time playing outside
  • had his first ice cream cone
  • traveled outside of Wisconsin for the first time
  • has started trying to get INTO his crib when he’s tired
  • says “Nigh Nigh” at bedtime
  • played in his backyard pool
  • has started saying please, often says thank you, but still refuses to say YES
  • Favorite toys are his shopping cart and his big blue truck
  • often pets Joe and Katze nicely
  • but still tries to use Katze as a drum and tries to give him CPR
  • got his first nosebleed
  • started getting weaned from his Nuk (on the 15th LOL)
  • went to a water ski show (wasn’t very impressed)
  • went to National Night Out with Mommy & Daddy
  • got a teething fever
  • loves to fling himself out of his car seat the second you put him in it
  • went to a fair and loved the sheep and chickens
  • shouts “JOE!” the second he gets in the house
  • went to his second family picnic

And how about some BabyCenter Milestones

Most Kids:
Uses six words regularly: Yes – All done, Joe, Thank You, Ball, Shoes, Mine
Enjoys pretend games: He loves playing telephone with ANYTHING, so yes
Likes riding toys: Yes!! They frustrate him sometimes though.

Some Kids:
Feeds doll: Nope, stuffed animals are for hugging and that’s about it
Speaks more clearly: Eh, not really.
Throws a ball underhand: Not on purpose LOL

Few Kids:
Dances to Music: ALLLL the time. Even commercial jingles LOL
Sorts toys by shape, color, size – Not even close
Kicks ball forward: Yes, all over the living room. One of his favorite passtimes.

So there you have it! Happy 17 months, Little Man!!!

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7 thoughts on “17 Months

  1. Hilary@BabyMooHoo Post author

    ummm, i’m going to buy a room darkening shade, like, NOW. 8:30?! that’s amazing!

    natalie is also using everything as a telephone, i’m glad she’s not the only one 🙂

  2. Amanda M. Post author

    That is so exciting! It is so cool to watch kids grow up. It is funny that no is always the first word they learn and yes the last. My daughter was that way too. Happy 17 months!

  3. Tricia @ Allegro Mama Post author

    Ughhh I wish I had a little peanut. Sy was in 12 month clothes at 9 and about 18 months at 12 months. He just turned 2 and he wears 3t to 4t.

    Happy 17 month Mason!

  4. Cole Post author

    What a lot of milestones this month, Wee Man! If it makes you feel any better, I *still* don’t say “yes.” Also? I wore a 12 month shirt yesterday… Children’s Place must run big!

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