Goodbye Little Blue Carseat

As some of you might remember, we switched Mason to his bucket seat a long time ago. Ever since then, I’ve been listing it every now and then on Craigslist while keeping my ear open for any acquaintances that might want a gently used “boy’s” carseat.

Well, turns out that we got lucky. A 35 week pregnant WITH TWINS lady contacted me and didn’t blink twice at the $50 price tag (my Craigslist strategy is to aim high and bargain down!) and we went to meet her on Friday.

The night before the big sale, SuperDad cleaned up the seat (which had been sitting in the basement for months) and was just shocked at how small it seems.

Can you believe that Mason was ever this little??

(Okay, his legs were a bit longer, but not much!!)

Before we carted it away, Mason had to say goodbye to his beloved seat and remind us that he’s grown oh so much.

Goodbye bucket seat. We’ll never forget bringing home our 6 pound newborn in you, you taking him safely to the doctor, to daycare, and everywhere we went for those first 10 months. Thanks for keeping him safe and thanks for the $50.

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Little Blue Carseat

  1. Ellen Post author

    Aww, Mason looks so cute (and big!) in his old carseat. It is amazing that he was ever that little! And I bet he looked tiny in it when he was brought home from the hospital.

  2. Randalin Post author

    We just dug our bucket seat out of the basement this past weekend to lend to a friend! Kale did the same thing as Mason and crawled in. I nearly died when I saw how HUGE he looked!

  3. Kerry McCullough Post author

    Wow, crazy how much and how fast they grow! I’ve been thinking the same thing whenever I come across Niall’s newborn outfits– how was he ever that small??

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