Yo Gabba Gabba Live – Part One

On Thursday, we took the 2 hour drive to the Minneapolis State Theatre and brought Mason to his first live show – Yo Gabba Gabba Live!! Mason isn’t a big TV watcher (well, that might be an understatement) but he loves music and loves to dance and I love Brobee, so I figured we couldn’t lose.

Yo Gabba Gabba Live was held at the Minneapolis State Theatre, a place where we had never been. Located near the Target Center, it was very easy to find and we were very happy to discover our walk from the parking ramp to the theatre was very short and all inside heated skywalks.  It was in the 40s, so this was much appreciated!

Kia Motors, the main sponsors of this year’s tour, gave out awesome DJ Lance glasses to everybody. Mason loved his.

The show started promptly at 3

Mason was afraid of the streamers and confetti that fell from the ceiling, so he enjoyed some cuddle time with SuperDad

There really was a wide variety of ages of kids and I was happy to see that Mason wasn’t the only one who was switching from watching intently to picking up confetti pieces off the ground. LOL For the most part though, he was enthralled.

Who could blame him though?

Stop back tomorrow for part two of our excellent time at the Minneapolis State Theatre with the Yo Gabba Gabba Bunch

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  1. Cole Post author

    I really like Mason’s king or rock t-shirt! In the 40s?? Wow – it’s still in the 60s here. 🙂 Also, I think that might be the first pic of SuperDad I’ve ever seen!

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