My Secret Mommy Confession – Toddler Artwork

At daycare, they spend a lot of time doing artwork. Every week, I’m bringing home at LEAST six art projects of all shapes and sizes and made of all sorts of… things. And today, Ive got a confession to make. Just seeing most of these atrocities in Mason’s cubby make me cringe.

I feel like, as a mother, I should be so excited to see each and every art project made by my little boy’s fingers. I should be wowwed by his mad art skills and have his creations hanging all over my house.

Instead, it’s just about exactly the opposite. I throw 90% of it straight into the garbage. Tinfoil with pudding rubbed on it? Garbage. Dead grass glued to a piece of paper? Garbage. Construction paper that was “colored” with ice cubes? Trash. A coloring book page with two lines scribbled on it? Garbage.

We’re still at the stage where Mason shows no recognition to any “project” we bring home, so I don’t feel TOO badly throwing them away, but I feel like I’m missing some sort of important gene that makes me incredibly excited about every crayon stroke he makes. Instead, I’m going “OMG, what do they expect me to do with a 10×14 paper with corn glued on it!?” I know from a clutter standpoint, we’re suppose to either scan or take a picture of the artwork so then we will have a photo to treasure instead of a giant wad of paper triangles glued to a coffee filter, but I’m not even moved enough to find this stuff photo worthy.

But I mean, really? Look at yesterday’s artwork….

(Yep, you’re seeing that right – a full piece of paper with some orange scribbles)

Don’t get me wrong, we keep a piece here and there and even have some stuff hanging on the fridge and we offer everything we possibly can to the grandparents. But most of it goes into the trash and some of it gives me the willies – I mean, can chunks of food glued to paper really be a good long term thing keepsake?!

So, is there a special place in Mommy hell for me? PLEASE tell me you guys don’t keep every piece of art that your tiny “would rather eat the crayon than color a picture with it” toddler does….

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PS – the lovely leafย  “art” up top? He obviously had help with it because you can see his tiny light scribble marks in one portion of the leaf and then the dark marks are all way harder than anything he’s ever done before and mysteriously well within the lines. Even the teachers must feel bad about the quality of one year old art LOL

6 thoughts on “My Secret Mommy Confession – Toddler Artwork

  1. Ann M. Post author

    I take a picture or scan it before I trash it. Figure if she ever asks for it, I can print it. Covers my butt.

  2. Cole Post author

    Mommy hasn’t really kept anything yet – once I start doing things with intent, then she’ll be more apt to collect them, but for now not so much.

  3. Sarah Post author

    I didn’t really keep much before but now that Dustyn is in school I have been keeping everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nicci @ Changing the Universe Post author

    Oh my God. I was JUST thinking this morning about what a crappy mom I am because I don’t keep every single stupid thing Aric brings home! I feel a twinge of guilt every time a picture goes in the garbage, but seriously. Do I need a coloring book page of a cobra with two crayon lines on it? No. No I do not. And as an adult, I have no desire to see pictures I colored as a 2 year old. Now, when he starts drawing people or taking an interest in his work, that’s a different story.

    Although I did keep and treasure the very first artwork he brought home. I cried about it when I got it, LOL!

  5. randalin Post author

    We definitely throw out A LOT of Kale’s “artwork” too. I keep the odd piece on the fridge and then file it away (like, maybe 3 pieces total), but most goes in the trash. However, I NEVER even thought of taking pictures of it, which is a really great idea. So thanks for that one! (We’ll see if I actually follow through….)

  6. Sara Post author

    Ewww yeah, you’re right on here. I don’t keep half the stuff they send home. Really, I only hang on to stuff that Oliver seems to care about – or stuff that makes me laugh.

    Seriously, I have this thing that’s supposed to be an alligator made of shapes glued on to paper, and the eyes are no where near… lol

    I’m gonna take a picture and post it, actually.


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