Five Fingers of Thanks Thursday

This week, I’m so thankful for this wonderful weather we’re having. Two weeks ago, it was in the 30s and 40s and I was expecting us to skip fall and go straight into winter much like we seemed to drag out winter and go straight into summer. Instead, it’s been in the high 70s all week and should continue through the weekend. This makes going to the park in the evening SO much nicer!

2) I’m thankful for the fun family time we’ve been able to have lately. The trip to Duluth, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and some relaxing nights at home. Love love love my little family.

3) I’m thankful that the critters are all doing okay. Buzz kitty has been sick since May and Joe the Greyhound sprained his toe before Labor Day, so while we’re not 100% yet, I’m very happy that we haven’t lost any more of our beloved animal friends. And that the cats are done with their 10+ medications a day they were on back in June. Yikes.

4) I’m especially thankful for any time spent with friends and family. Recently some people around me have experienced huge, horrible, unexpected losses that have reminded me that any day could be the last time you see someone, despite how much time it may seem you have with them. Cherish every moment while you’re in it and let the people you love know it!

5) I’m thankful that despite his ups and downs, an obsession with turning off the tv and stealing electronics items, tantrums, random food refusals, and the etc etc etc that make a toddler a toddler, Mason is such an easy going little guy. 2 hour car ride? Why not!? Dinner out when he is normally in bed? Okay! New teacher in the daycare room this week? Why not! While I definitely don’t qualify as  a “new mom” anymore, I’m definitely a new TODDLER mom, so him being fairly easy going is a blessing I don’t take for granted!

What are you guys thankful for this week?

This time last year – Mason’s First Meal

7 thoughts on “Five Fingers of Thanks Thursday

  1. Sandra Kohlmann Post author

    I think the smartest thing you can do as a mom is to pay attention to all the gifts you’re given and to give thanks. This list is evidence of your beautiful life.

  2. Christi Post author

    Those are some wonderful things to be thankful for! I think of myself as a new toddler mom too, even though she’s my second child. My oldest is 11, so it’s been so long that it all seems new again!

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