My Brush with Fame

What an exciting month it’s been! Both of my bloggy besties are famous!!

Cole, from Cole’s First Blog was featured in the November issue of Parent’s Magazine! His photo, his twitter, and everything! How cool is that?! I can’t wait to pick up my issue on Saturday and in the meantime, you can check out more about it on his blog.

Then, my good friend Molly recently participated in Redbook’s #TruthaboutTrying campaign to raise awareness about infertility. As someone who battled infertility for nearly 4 years before getting pregnant with her miracle baby, she was the perfect candidate for this project! Check what she has to say about it on her blog or check out her video (and don’t worry, she doesn’t usually talk so slowly, she was just super nervous!)

I hope they both still remember the little people (like Mason!) when they’re both rich and famous! If nothing else, I can always write a biography on their early days and make millions, right?!

Since we’re no where close to famous here, maybe you could help us get a LITTLE closer to fame by clicking to vote??

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