Little Tree Hugger

When I was a kid, I loved reading books like “50 Ways You Can Save the Earth” and trying to do everything I could to be earth friendly. I was even a member of the Cool Kids Earth Club or something like that and was super excited to get my quarterly “Kids Save the Earth” magazine.

Well, it seems like Mason is following in my footsteps. His most recent obsession is lights. He gets very excited any time he looks up and notices lights (such as at swim class Wednesday night) but it’s evolved to much more than that – he’s become the light police!

The other night, I told  him it was time for a bath and he grabbed his wash rag and his water cup and ran for the tub but at the last minute, turned around and ran to the bedroom and pointed and said “Light! Light!” over and over again until I shut the light off. Then, we got to the bathroom and he said “Light! Light!” until I turned that light on. When we were done? He started crying when I left the bathroom calling “Light, light?” and he was  happy again once I shut the light off.

Same thing this morning – he ran into the computer room and cried “Eh oh! Light! Eh oh!” It’s like he totally knew that no one was in the room so the light shouldn’t be on.

I’m wondering if I can get him to help with the recycling next….

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7 thoughts on “Little Tree Hugger

  1. Sandra Kohlmann Post author

    Thanks for teaching your son to be a good steward for the earth. I love that he gets upset when lights are left on, but gets happy when the lights get turned out. He seems to have a real grasp on what’s going on!

  2. Cole Post author

    I don’t have any specific preferences about the lights, but I bet recycling would be something doable – you know I *love* to put things in containers! I’m a really good laundry helper, too…

  3. Randalin Post author

    Don’t you just love when kids start reminding you of your bad habits? Kale has a total meltdown if I forget to wash our hands before and after dinner! If only they’d keep these habits forever…..

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