Road Trip Tuesday

Yesterday we packed up the family and headed to Minnesota for the day. Joe T Greyhound had an appointment with a greyhound specialist over there that kept him at the vet for the day, and while we hadn’t planned on bringing Mason with us, we ended up not having anyone who could pick him up at daycare, so it became a family affair!

After dropping Joe off, we had the whole day in front of us. The original plan was to stop by Cabela’s to walk around and see all the animals and then hit up Underwater World at Mall of America.  The Cabela’s trip was entirely SuperDad’s idea, of course! We did find a pair of super warm winter boots for Mason there for only $19, so despite my “Are we really STILL looking at meat smokers?!” excitement, it was a worthwhile stop.

By the time we got to Mall of America, I decided that  paying $$$ to walk through a dark tunnel during nap time didn’t sound like the best idea…. As luck would have it, we also managed to miss a slew of “Toddler Tuesday” activities and discounts that ended right before we got there! Bummer! After wandering around Mall of America for a few hours (thanks to great tips from Nicci about how to keep a toddler entertained), we decided to head to Eagle’s Nest, an indoor play place only about 10 minutes from the vet.

Unfortunately, we forgot to factor the rush hour traffic into our commute  time and instead of arriving with a good half an hour to play, we arrived just in time to pull into a parking spot, realize we didn’t have enough time, and had to head back to the vet to pick up Joe. It was cold and pouring, so stopping at a park was out and we went straight home from there.

So all in all, we ended up being on the road for about 5 hours and shopping for 3 hours.  Definitely not a toddler oriented trip, despite our best of intentions. WeeMan was total trooper through. He did say that, next time, he’d rather go back to the Pumpkin Patch

(More pumpkin patch pictures tomorrow!)

This time last year – Auntie Sarah Rocks / Swim Class

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  1. Nicci @ Changing the Universe Post author

    Yay! Glad you had a good time and that my loads of info were helpful 🙂 Hope you managed to avoid the CRAZIES that use the elevator during the week! Those people can get down right MEAN!

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