Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Mason’s 1st Trick or Treat – Wordful Wednesday 11/1

Our trick or treating trip with Mason was a huge success. He knew exactly what to do by the third house and while he couldn’t say “Trick or Treat!” he was great about saying thank you! He carried his own bucket the entire evening and picked candy out of dishes with great care.

About half way through the night, he started thinking that people who were trying to drop candy in his bucket were really taking it out, so there were a few houses where he screamed “No! Mine!” and tried to jerk his bucket away and two houses where as soon as the door opened, he said “Thank you!!” and proceeded to turn around and get off the porch. It was hilarious.

to three relatives houses and 7 or 8 random houses. He scored lots and lots of candy for Mom and Dad and he got a toy train from his aunt, as well as a fun empty bucket to play with, so everyone won. By far the best night of trick or treating ever!