20 Months Already!

Tomorrow, Mason turns 20 months old! That means he’s 1 and 2/3 years old!! That’s just crazy!!

In his 20th month, Mason:

  • still wore size 3 diapers but it’s the last box
  • wore both 12 and 18 month tops
  • wore mostly 12 month pants
  • uses his Nuk only at bedtime
  • went to the Mall of America
  • loves saying hi and bye bye to people
  • unless they say hi first, then all bets are off.
  • suddenly hates having his teeth brushed
  • likes to drag me take me around the house by holding my hand and pulling
  • celebrated his second Halloween
  • ate  his first candy
  • suddenly owns enough pajamas to clothe a small country (all of them seconds away from being too small….)
  • thinks climbing people is a better alternative than saying “Up!”
  • says “I get it!” (I giiiiit iii!!”) any time he drops something
  • has finally been brainwashed into enjoying a few minutes of TV here and there (but only YoGabba Gabba usually)
  • went trick or treating
  • loves bath time and helps get ready by throwing his toys in
  • finished another set of swimming lessons
  • got a booster seat for the kitchen table and spends time coloring and playing with playdough
  • went on a road trip to a huge pumpkin patch
  • really loves to play outside
  • hates his winter coat
  • loves scrambled eggs, fruit, and meat
  • refuses to go shoe-less in the house
  • really needs a haircut (but someone won’t let me cut it… ahem SuperDad)
  • is obsessed with lights
  • favorite toys include his school bus and tractor, his pushable penguin, his shopping cart, and his book bag and back pack.
  • loves being spun around, especially if he’s upsidedown
  • calls Grandpa B “Bopa” and is starting to recognize other people he doesn’t see as often (such as Grandpa J)

Happy 20 months, little man! We love you!!

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4 thoughts on “20 Months Already!

  1. Cole Post author

    Happy 20 months! I *love* to pull Mommy around, too. “Mommy, come with me!”

    I’m glad you like baths again. 🙂 How has your eating been lately? Mommy is going to send you an article about toddler eating habits that made Daddy feel a LOT better about days where I barely take 2 bites!

  2. Randalin Post author

    Happy 20 months!

    Now why is it that as soon as you collect enough pj’s to actually last the week without doing laundry, they all end up being too small?!

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