Mason Makes Words #5

Right when Mason started talking, I found myself quietly shaking my head at all the bloggers who had started word lists and then declared them “too hard to keep up with.” I figured these parents had gotten lazy, decided they didn’t care, and just KNEW that I definitely would be keeping up Mason’s word list until he knew every word there was to know.

Cue screeching break sounds!

I now TOTALLY understand why those word lists end! If I were to actually try to make a list of the new words he’s been using since my last post, I probably wouldn’t even cover half of them. The pre-toddler me would declare this a total mommy failure but the me right now is declaring this a “My toddler has a big brain! Yay!” instead.

But, I can still at least tell you about the highlights:

Like I mentioned in his 20 month update, “I get it!” is probably his most used phrase (What can I say, he drops stuff a lot!)

He declares “I pooped!” every time he poops or farts. “Diaper” is another favorite word and he’s starting to say “butt” too LOL

“Cracker?” and “More Milk!” are his two most common demands.

Everything is suddenly his: “My blanky! My puppy! My shoe!” And just as popular, is “No kitty! My blanky!”

He talks a lot and in long sentences, rambling in paragraphs, but it’s still 85% in a special toddler language that I don’t understand. He especially loves talking animatedly when I am buckling him in after daycare or at dinner time. I feel bad because by the look on his face, whatever he is telling me is obviously very important, but I usually can’t even guess.

See, I told you my list was not going to be that great… But hey, he’s talking up a storm, saying new words every day and every day.  He seems right on track for his age and I’ve been doing really well not comparing him to other genius toddlers who were completing sentences by 18 months, so go me!

Every day is a new adventure! What will come out of his mouth next??

This time last year – Down and Out / 1st Thanksgiving

5 thoughts on “Mason Makes Words #5

  1. Tiffany Post author

    Yay for Mason! And I know what you’re talking about. I had a book to record all the words that each of my children said, even the ones that were their word for something, and before long I stopped writing in it. It happens. Enjoying them becomes more important than worrying about what they have said or done. 🙂

    I love his photos in your header bar, he’s so stinkin cute!

  2. Gaby @ Tmuffin Post author

    I had to click on you (from your comment on My Attempt at Motherhood’s WW post) because my son’s name is Mason too!

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I loved this age… when every day they say something new. My son is 2 1/2, and last night, I had to videotape him telling me about how a girl at daycare sleeped next to him and put his paci in his mouth. It’s hilarious once they start telling you things!

  3. amy@agoodlife Post author

    i keep meaning to write a list of all of parker’s words but i have to do it. i really really need to though… i feel like he’s saying so many things! so much fun watching them learn, isn’t it?

  4. Tricia @ Allegro Mama Post author

    I have given up keeping up with Sy’s words too. I did, however, start a google document with a list of all the comical things he’s said. We call it his quote book

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