Photos with Santa

We made three attempts to visit Mall Santa this year – the first time I had their hours wrong, the second time the line was really long, and the third time we showed up early to find the line even longer. We’d basically said “Eh, a toddler nearing nap time will NOT fair well in line that long” and called it a miss for this holiday season.

And then, as we were driving home, we saw our local Civic Club was holding photos with Santa right by the town Christmas tree. Sure, the Santa’s beard is not real his glasses are missing, and there is a lack of snow and fireplace, but there was no line, no fees, and we scored a giant bag of candy for SuperDad and I.

In fact, it was so simple that I went home and returned with Joe the Greyhound. He didn’t score us a giant bag of candy, but he DID give Santa’s beard a thorough sniffing and enjoyed getting pet by Rudolph!

(The picture I have where Joe looks at the camera, Rudolph is umm, adjusting his head. I tell ya, if it’s not one thing, it’s another!)

Either way – Photos with Santa has been checked off our Christmas Bucket List!

This time last year – 9 Months

6 thoughts on “Photos with Santa

  1. Molly W. Post author

    Aw I love the pictures! Are they still there? I’d love to get a pic of Zo with Santa. I’d take Oswald Button but he’s pretty naughty.

  2. Cole Post author

    Henry would be *terrified* of Rudolph – he’s not brave like Joe, I guess. Score for seeing Santa with no lines! I’m supposed to go see Santa this week with Aunt Debbie, so we’ll see how that goes…

  3. Mandy @ a sorta fairytalePhilipandmandy Post author

    He Newell that works, too! And look at him sitting there so nicely!

  4. Amanda M. Post author

    That is so great. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t perfect, it is a wonderful memory. I think the photos are great. And little man is so cute! Merry Christmas!

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