Christmas Day Part 1

So, Christmas morning with a toddler…. It had its ups and downs.

A major up?

He was beside himself with excitement when he saw his toy kitchen. Like, absolutely in awe and disbelief – shy hand up by his mouth, smiling ear to ear, looking back and forth from it to us repeatedly like “Is this REALLY for me?!!?”

The kitchen was a total win. Getting him to open presents instead of play with his kitchen? Not so much a win….

There were lots of tears, crying, and screaming because opening presents OBVIOUSLY isn’t as fun as playing with the great new stuff that your parents should have wrapped and saved for last. We actually still have a few presents left to unwrap (hoping to do tonight) because he got to the point where he was screaming no and running away any time we tried to hand him a present. Hahahaha, never would have predicted that!

But he still had his moments of absolute adorableness.

And, he LOVED his Rhody horse.

And his construction cap.

So, despite the tears, screaming, crying, kitchen covered with a blanket and horsie put away for a nap, Christmas morning was definitely a morning to remember.

This time last year – We decide to helmet Mason

14 thoughts on “Christmas Day Part 1

  1. Cole Post author

    Ohmigosh, sad face Mason? too cute. The advantage of Hanukkah is that the presents are all spread out over 8 nights – but Mommy’s not sure how I’m going to handle Hanukkah withdrawal tonight – last night was the end!

  2. Hilary@BabyMooHoo Post author

    those pictures are great! sorry mason was grinchy at moments…. but it actually makes me feel SO much better about natalie’s christmas morning meltdowns! she was the same way–moments of complete adorable sweetness mixed with moments of crying and screaming when we’d try to get her to open a new present. toddlers are so weird. 🙂 merry christmas to your family!!

  3. Amanda M. Post author

    Toddlers are fun Christmas morning, you never know what to expect. Our 2 year old got a kitchen this year and we intentionally put a blanket over it at first so she would open some presents. But last year when she was 1 she would open a present and want to play with it for like 10 minutes or more before she was ready to move on to open another present. We let her take the lead and ended up opening presents most of the day. I learned a lot of patience that Christmas because the kid in me wanted to rip them all open. Mason is so cute in the pjs and opening his toys. They’ll all be fond Christmas memories to tell again next year.

  4. Amie Post author

    That is so funny. Quentin was the same exact way! He opened a set of letters first and we had to beg him to touch the rest! Of course, by the end of the day he had the whole “getting presents” thing down, so he was all about opening any wrapped thing he could find.

  5. Melissa Post author

    Sad baby face holding a present is absolutely adorable! We got a Rody horse too but my son will only pet it and offer it juice. No way he’ll sit on it! I don’t know why!

  6. Lori Post author

    Thanks so much for stopping by today!
    Mason has grown so much and is cute as can be! I love his horse, I’ve never seen one of those.


  7. Randalin Post author

    That second picture is a CLASSIC! Christmas can be overwhelming for us all – but throw in an amazing kitchen and a horse and – WOAH. Can we really blame him? I mean, if I got a new kitchen on christmas morning there is no way I’d want to sit and open the rest of my gifts 😛

  8. alissa Post author

    That’s so funny he didn’t want to open up his presents. I suppose you could have let him go at his own rate. Open one gift a day and play. Next year that will all change!

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