Choo Choo Show!

On Saturday, SuperDad and I took Mason to the model train show at the mall. I was pretty excited about this since a: Mason is OBSESSED with “choo choos” and b: going to the trainshow with my parents was a tradition when I was a kid! Since I didn’t have too many traditions growing up, it was super fun to be able to have one to share with my son.

Unfortunately, we had to wake Mason up from a nap in order to make it to the mall before they started to shut things down for the afternoon and he was a bit overwhelmed by the huge crowds. I think he still had a great time though.

Checking out a tiny town

Who doesn’t like itty bitty tractors? The cows that were really moo-ing were a big hit too!

Half the time we’d be pointing out different scenery and and realize he wasn’t looking at the things we were pointing at at all. Instead, he was staring at the railroad crossing light. When we were right next to it, the guy running the display sounded off the “warning sound” that also plays with the light and Mason about lost his mind.

Checking out more choo-choos

A large scale train hauling tractors?? By far Mason’s favorite display!!

Of COURSE Mason wore a train shirt to the train show!

I wish more of the displays were at a kid friendly height, but then I suppose they would be harder for the adults to see and there definitely was a lot of childless train admirers there as well. Either way, we all had a great time and are already considering traveling to another model train show in April that will be about 40 miles from us!

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6 thoughts on “Choo Choo Show!

  1. Ellen Post author

    Oh my, that’s awesome! Eliot is sooo jealous. I’ll have to keep my eye open for something like that around here! And Mason is just too cute.

  2. Allie Post author

    oooooh, that looks like fun! There is a place in Germany called Miniature Wonderland that is museum filled with a miniature world or trains, planes, cars, etc…. . I have it on my bucket list.

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