Reading Time Tuesday

The other day, the house suddenly was very quiet and I decided I better investigate and see what Mason was up to. My heart warmed when found Mason like this….

I’ve always wanted a reader and I definitely have a book lover!

Unfortunately, I think I’ve created a monster. I was eagerly awaiting the day when Mason would seem to prefer books over everything else, but I wasn’t prepared for the repetition. The reading of the same book over and over again. And over and over again.

His usual book commentary includes pointing out any lights, bikes, kitties, or puppies and whether or not characters look happy or sad. “Train sad! Bikes! Lights BROKEN!”

Heavy in the reading rotation right now are “Blue Train, Green Train,” “Thomas Hide and Seek,” and “A Potty for Baby Bear.” The main sentences we hear around here are “Read the train book!” and “Read the bear book!” He’ll bring a big pile of books and sit in our laps and ask to have each book read to him again and again. So cute… the first few rounds. LOL

YAY for reading.

This time last year – Mirror, Mirror

3 thoughts on “Reading Time Tuesday

  1. Ellen Post author

    That’s so cute! I love that he points out the happy and sad trains. I feel you on the repetition. I can recite Off Go There Engines in my sleep.

  2. Randalin Post author

    Yay for reading! It’s so sweet when you don’t hear anything and worry they’ve gotten themselves into trouble, only to discover them deep in a good book!

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