Bedtime Procrastination

Mason has always been a super sleeper *knocks on wood* 3/4 of the time, you can put him into his crib and he’ll go to sleep without a peep and the other times, he may fuss for 30 seconds or so and then goes to sleep. Sure, he’s had his days where he stays up talking to himself for half an hour or drops a toy out of his crib and cries about it, but for the most time, super easy bedtimes.

On Monday night, when I went to put him to bed, he instantly began crying “Eat! Mason eat!” We’d had an early supper at a restaurant that night and he hadn’t eaten much – a cup of applesauce and a toddler jug of milk, so I could see why he would be hungry. I asked him if he wanted a pouch (so easy AND he could have it in bed!) and he said no. A banana? Nope. Crackers? Nope… My child, turning down crackers?! We were already an hour past bedtime so there was no way I was cooking him any food and finally. he ended up having a glass of milk and a few crackers and fussed for quite a bit after I put him back to bed.

Then last night came…. He’d eaten well only an hour earlier and was fresh out of the tub. I put him in his crib and before I even let go, the requests started. First, it was “More bath??” Then it was “Neena??” (banana) and so I got him a  little piece of banana. Then he started crying out for something starting with an R that I couldn’t figure out. Sounded like Reeko. So I took him to the kitchen and asked him to find a Reeko. He couldn’t but wanted some more banana. I gave him more banana and we went back to his crib. I put him down and he instantly said “I pooped! I pooped!” Lifted him back up and did the sniff test and he had NOT pooped. So I told him he must have farted (we have this conversation a lot) and put him back down and he says “Wet. Mama, wet. Diaper wet!” He’s never identified a wet diaper before, so this shocked me. So I said “Is your diaper wet, Mason?” and he goes “Yeaahhh….” and I said “Do you Mommy to change your diaper?” and he replies “Change diaper, Mommy. Wet!” At this point, I’m totally thrilled by what seems to be another potty training readiness sign. I bring him to the changing table, unzip his pajamas and… his diaper is not only poop free, it’s also dry. *sigh*

I ended up telling him that it was really time for bed and leaving him in his room to cry and scream alone for quite some time. What on earth!?

I totally remember the old “I’m thirsty mommy! I want some string cheese mommy! I have to pee! I’m thirsty again mommy!” thing when I was little, but I want to say I was like 5 at that time, NOT barely 2!! (At least Mason isn’t screaming “You don’t really love me, you never wanted me!!” like I use to do after my parents started ignoring my requests LOL)

So, what do you guys think? Is it just a coincidence that he is suddenly starving and needy the second we put him in his crib or is this little man playing us? Have your kids done something similar?

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6 thoughts on “Bedtime Procrastination

  1. Cole Post author

    Wow, that might be the only sleep issue I *haven’t* had – good luck!

    And screaming “You don’t love me! You never wanted me!” at 5? Mommy’s a little worried about the road ahead…

  2. Randalin Post author

    We are totally going through the same thing with Kale! Even though Kale has never been a good sleeper, he’s normally pretty easy to put down. However, lately it’s “poop!” or “water” or “eat” – whatever he thinks will get him out of bed! We’ve pushed his bedtime back a little, but that hasn’t made much difference. The only thing that has changed is that he’s toilet trained now and while I’m not convinced that the two are related (other than he can now use “have to tee! have to poop!” as an excuse), it’s the only thing that has changed in the last little while. Hearing that Mason is also going through this makes me think it’s probably just a stage that they go through at this age.

  3. Mama Post author

    I go through something similar with Cole.
    He usually says “inside !” like he’s ready to go back into the living room to play after he’s done nursing or had his bottle. But sleep fighting is nothing new for Cole. He is just more verbal about not wanting to go to sleep. I think that they just don’t want to miss anything!

  4. Lori Post author

    And so the manipulation begins. . . .and just wait it gets better. . .or worse. . depending on how you look at it.

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