Birthday Party Recap #2

If you missed the first part, check it out here.

After we opened some presents, we opened even more presents!

Mason loved all of his presents but went absolutely wild with the trike Auntie Sarah got him. It was love at first sight. And first horn beep….

After all the presents were unwrapped, we’d worked up an appetite and it was time for some awesome train cake.

I had had a really hard time deciding between a Yo Gabba Gabba or train theme (since Mason is obsessed with both) so I was thrilled when Auntie Sarah said she had made him a “choo choo cake” Mason totally loved it and was all “My choo choo train cake!!” Soo cute!

And then he played with his trike some more and just hung out with our party guests as they trickled away.

Our theme was pretty lose as I am definitely not Mrs. Crafty USA, but the Yo Gabba Gabba balloons were a big hit with Mason. None of our guests had ever heard of the show before, but all that matters is that Mason loved it!

The day ended with a good hour of outside play time.

Yay for 2nd birthdays!

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Party Recap #2

  1. Molly W. Post author

    Im so glad Mason enjoyed his gift! And Im so glad Parker & I could be a part of his special day 🙂

  2. Sarah Post author

    looks like he had a great birthday!!! so fun. I am starting to plan Carsyn’s now. Our boys are growing up!

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