Easter Egg Hunt #1

Quite possibly the thing I hate most about being a working mom (for the record, there aren’t many – I really enjoy being a working mom and think daycare enriches Mason’s life) is missing the chance to do special activities with Mason. Book babies at the library, a one day petting zoo event, etc etc. This year, the Easter Bunny was at the mall only one day – Friday from 1-5 and the Easter Egg hunt was in the park on Saturday at 11, and of course, I worked 8:30 – 1. Ugh.

Thankfully, Grandma B was able to take Mason to the egg hunt this year (his first time!) and when she told me she took pictures, I nearly cried from happiness.

So, Mason’s first official-not-just-in-someone’s-backyard Easter Egg hunt:

 Just getting to the park. Grandma made him wear his ridiulous swimming hat and now of course, he wants to wear it everywhere he goes.

And the egg hunting is ON!

Something tells me his attention to detail could have been better LOL

As quickly as it started, it was over and all of the eggs was found. They spent three times longer looking through Mason’s stash than they actually spent hunting for it. Even though Mason doesn’t really know what candy is, he was still excited to get some!

Mason says “I hope YOU had a good Easter too!

“Want an eggie?”

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  1. Ellen Post author

    What cute pictures! He looks so proud of himself. And I feel the same way about being a working mom…mostly think it’s great, Eliot learns so much at “school,” but why oh why do ALL the activities have to be during the weekdays?!

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