Lesson NOT Learned the First Time

Saturday morning, Mason was playing in the kitchen while I sat on the couch in the connected living room, reading my book. SuperDad walked in the room and said “Have you checked on Mason lately?” and my response was “Yeah, he’s in the kitchen playing with his trucks. He just moved a chair a few seconds ago.” Much to my dismay, SuperDad walked in the kitchen to find Mason up on one of our super tall chairs, coloring on the kitchen counter… with a black permanent marker. Oops.

Later in the afternoon, I was in the process of buying shoes online for Mason while he played in and around the computer room. He’d rotate from playing with his tractors on the floor to climbing up into SuperDad’s computer chair and poking at his keyboard, to bringing me “food” that he had cooked (usually chunks of pocket lint or animal crackers in a pan). I was pretty amazed at the fact that I had actually managed to accomplish something on the internet without him begging to sit in my lap and bang on my keyboard or demanding train videos.

I kept surfing and Mason kept playing. After a while, he was back at SuperDad’s desk, scrubbing away. He likes to help clean and can often be found rubbing a paper towel or rag across a surface until it shines. Definitely not a behavior I discourage! A few more minutes pass and Mason says “Mason all done. Mason color! Mason color!” and I reply “Okay Mason, you want to go color? Let’s go color, you’ve been a really good boy!” I get up from my computer chair, turn around, and see this…

Yeah, he didn’t want to GO color. He’d been coloring the ENTIRE TIME. And again, with permanent marker. Crap.

Did you know that while 409 can clean permanent marker off a kitchen counter, it doesn’t touch marker on wooden desks? Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

Yeah, we’ll be finding a new place to store our permanent markers, that’s for sure…. Lesson learned, a bit slowly, but learned.

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9 thoughts on “Lesson NOT Learned the First Time

  1. Molly W Post author

    Oh what a stinker you are Mr. Mason. lol. Hopefully I will learn through your mistake so that I never have to deal with this!

  2. Delora Post author

    We used to use rubbing alcohol (or alcohol-based hand sanitizer) to get sharpie off white boards. I wonder if that would help with the marker on the wood.

  3. Angel Post author

    When my 2 boys were younger my oldest got permanent markers out and colored on the baby brother. Oh yeah we were not amused. We like to never got it all off of the baby.

  4. Cole Post author

    Ohmigosh! o_O

    Mommy loves Magic Eraser, too – I’ve never gotten ahold of a permanent marker (thank goodness), but I’m not terrific at keeping my crayon on the paper…

  5. LeeAnn Post author

    I’m laughing my butt off at this right now…and not because I find it all that FUNNY…but because I’m glad my house isn’t the only house covered in permanent marker. Boy, Rylie and Mason would certainly be a pair. We are constantly using magic erasers to get permanent marker off the walls, the table, you name it. The kids have been home with my mom this week and when I came home on Monday she had drawn a beautiful picture that even said “To Mommy and Daddy” on it…ON THE FRONT DOOR!!! I’m not even kidding. So yeah, I still haven’t learned to put the markers out of reach. Although my little monkey would find a way to get them anyway. Good times!

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