25 Months

In his 25th month, Mason:

  • is busting out of his size 6 shoes, which is a bummer since he just started fitting into them about 2 months ago (and he currently has these AWESOME penguin shoes).
  • had fun playing outside with his bubble mower and his truck
  • peed on the potty at daycare (just once)
  • got a new car (well, his Mommy did)
  • helped his brother Joe celebrate his 10th birthday
  • dyed Easter eggs for the first time (pictures soon… maybe)
  • says “Oopsies” and it’s the cutest thing EVER!
  • sold a lot of old clothes and toys at the consigment sale
  • fell in love with Joe’s new dog bed (pictures coming soon)
  • celebrated his 2nd birthday with a party with his relatives
  • knows a suprising amount of animal names that we didn’t teach him (giraffe, elephant, etc – yay daycare!)
  • likes to tell you his food is too hot and “blow please” even if it’s just warm
  • wants to watch Gabbas, choo choos, and tractors on TV 24/7
  • likes to announce “Mason farting” or “Excuse Me! Mason burped!”
  • tries to climb in his crib when he gets tired
  • is obsessed with sitting on his potty, even though he rarely ever goes
  • thinks taking pictures with my camera is the best thing ever
  • is getting better about saying “please”
  • became obsessed with candy (thank you daycare, GRRRRR)
  • has learned to like tacos and enjoys any food that can utilize dipping sauce
  • loves playing with anything Thomas or Mr Potato Head
  • Could care less about Thomas on TV though
  • asks to eat pizza nearly every night
  • follows “Go ask for Daddy X” or “Go get Mommy for supper” commands quite well
  • got to hunt Easter eggs twice
  • got a bloody nose at daycare
  • started requesting showers at bath time
  • loves to make train and truck noises while playing


And according to BabyCenter, most kids stack six blocks (Mason can!) and walk heel to toe smoothly (Mason does). A lot of kids use pronouns (Mason doesn’t – it’s Mason’s bear, Mommy’s pop, Mommy do it, Mason do it. When I try to help and say “No, Mason, say “My bear” he replies with “Not mommy’s bear, Mason’s bear!” Hahaha) He can wash and dry his own hands for the most part, which is the other many skill. A few kids speak clearly most of the time – Mason has his good and bad moments. Usually I can understand him perfectly and other times, I’m like “Kid, I have NO clue what you just said!” Drawing a vertical line is the other genius skill and I dunno, does his permanent marker artwork count as vertical lines?!

This time last year – Screw You, Fever!

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  1. Audrey Post author

    Happy unbirthday, Mason! Vertical line test..draw a vertical line and see if he can draw one like it. 😉 How in the world did he get a bloody nose?! Stopping in from the Ultimate Blog Party.

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