Mason’s Tractor

Mason, being a stereotypical two year old boy, loves trains and tractors. School buses come in a close third and bikes and motorcyles are also pretty exciting to him. With his love of tractors, most every big piece of farm machinery is a tractor. Tractors (obviously), combines, street polishers, green riding lawn mowers, bobcats, diggers, etc etc. I know many parents take pride in their toddler’s identification of different types of machinery, but I have to admit that I find it adorable that he calls just about everything that’s not a car or truck a tractor. LOL

When he’s reading books about tractors, he likes to point out Papa driving the tractor. That’s because Papa has a REAL tractor at his house that was once used for farm things and is now just used for plowing their super long driveway. This winter, one of Mason’s favorite activities was to watch out the window as Papa plowed the snow with the tractor and ever since, every picture of someone on a tractor has been “Papa’s tractor. Papa’s plowing!”

With the arrival of spring, Mason has gotten to go out to the barn and “visit” the tractor and has labeled the big (real) tractor “Papa’s tractor” and their nice new lawn mower “Mason’s tractor” and their ancient lawnmower “Grandma’s dirty tractor” and it’s been quite the joke between all of us, except for Mason, who of course, was completely serious about this.

So last week, Grandma and Papa bought him a super special surprise and sent me a picture….

Yep, Mason’s very own “tractor!”

He got to ride it for the first time on Saturday (sadly, I was at work, but they took video for me!) and he had a blast. 

The tractor (and matching hat) will live at Grandma and Papa’s but we’re hoping to go over and visit it this week so I can see my little man in action with his new pride and joy.

This time last year – Katze
Two years ago – Noisy Sleeper

7 thoughts on “Mason’s Tractor

  1. Nicci @ Changing the Universe Post author


    Aric needs that, pretty much immediately, lol!

  2. Sarah Post author

    Ha ha!!! Love it. Toooooo adorable!! Dustyn wants that tractor so badly. He has plenty of four wheelers though.

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