Mason’s 1st Hotel Stay – Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells

Kalahari Toddler

Our trip to Wisconsin Dells was our first overnight trip with Mason. He’s spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s plenty, but we’ve never had him to a hotel before this and I was kind of concerned.

Well, our Kalahari experience was AWESOME and I’m pretty sure I’m ruined for staying in regular hotels with a child from here on out. Our suite had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. That’s right, Mason had his OWN ROOM and we didn’t have to worry about the TV, lights, or our voices keeping him awake past his 8:30 bedtime.  Unfortunately, he thought having to sleep in his pack and play next to two unused queen sized beds was totally unfair and tried hard to fight sleep. He did end up sleeping on one of the beds for quite a while the first night, but night two went a lot smoother. I don’t really blame him for wanting to sleep in the beds though, the king size bed in our room was seriously one of the most comfortable beds I’ve EVER slept on. I kind of wanted to bring it home with me….

Our suite had a full living room area with a huge couch that Mason loved, an armchair, a TV, and a fireplace. This was great because then SuperDad could stay up watching TV until 2 am without keeping Mason OR me awake.

Kalahari Balcony

We also had a big balcony that was accessible from the living room or the master bedroom area. Mason was super excited to have “big winnows” and I was happy that the balcony was of good quality – have you ever been on one that made you think it was going to tumble to the ground with each step? Not this one! Had it been warmer, the three of us would have totally eaten breakfast out there every morning with no worries!

The kitchen area included a microwave, coffee maker, full sink, and lots of cupboard space. It was awesome to be able to store away all of Mason’s snacks and microwave meals out of sight so he wasn’t begging for them all the time.

The master bathroom had a whirlpool tub that I took advantage of at 1 pm on Friday because nothing says vacation like a bath in the middle of the afternoon, right? One bathroom even had a pull-out clothesline for us to hang our wet swimwear on – how cool is that?!

Kalahari Bathroom

It wasn’t just our room that was amazing – so were the resort staff! From a super friendly check-in, endless comments on Mason’s cuteness, elaborate instructions on what were the best “family waterslides” from one of the lifeguards, to the woman in the tourist shop giving us the 10% discount even though we’d forgotten the coupon, all the staff we encountered out of their way to be kind and accommodating.

There are several restaurants ON SITE at the resort and most of them boasted a kid-friendly menu and one of them even had a “Kids eat for $1.99 for every adult entree” which I thought was pretty impressive – I was expecting to drop some serious cash for every meal! We ate at Damon’s our first night there and we were blown away by how quickly our food was ready and how GOOD it was. My burger was seriously one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! Had I not been set on going to the train restaurant (another post coming about that!) the following night, we probably would have eaten at Damon’s both nights of our trip!

When we passed this beautiful sight in the lobby, I was super glad that Mason doesn’t really eat candy or junk food, as I’m pretty sure he would have been screaming “Candy! Chocolate!! MINE!!!” upon seeing the Sweet Hut. I know I was drooling a little. I meant to bring home goodies for our dogsitter but realized I totally forgot until now…. #failure So Deb, if you’re reading this, pick something out from the picture and I promise I’ll pick it up next time!

While I was at first bummed to have to take a day and a half off of work for our vacation, I’m super glad I did. It felt like we basically had the place to ourselves on Thursday and Friday, although things started getting a little busier Friday night. When we were leaving on Saturday, the resort was a bit of a madhouse with long lines to get into the waterpark and to check into the resort itself. (In their defense, we were leaving right when the parks were opening) Such big crowds on a random cold weekend in April definitely make it clear how popular the Kalahari is, but it made us realize that when we go back, we’ll definitely be sticking to another weekday trip! Lines and toddlers don’t mix! We took advantage of the option to check out by dropping our bill and room keys in a box by the door as we left and that was really a nice hassle free way to end our vacation.

All in all, Mason’s 1st hotel stay was a total success. We had a great time and I’m much less concerned about future trips, although I can’t imagine any other location will have so much entertainment for our little guy! Six thumbs up to the Kalahari Resort from Wee Mason’s family!

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Disclaimer: The Kalahari Resort provided our family with a two night stay in exchange for a review of their resort. All opinions stated in this post and my other Kalahari related posts are 100% mine and have not been influenced in any way, monetarily or otherwise. Thank you, Kalahari, for this great opportunity!

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  1. Shannon Post author

    That must have been so much fun, staying at a hotel with Mason! Love the pics!!

  2. Karen Post author

    It looks like a really nice place stay. I bet having everything in one place was really convenient with Mason. You didn’t have to load the car up every time you needed to go somewhere.

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