Swimming Lessons

In April, Mason finished up his third round of swimming lessons. I finally got SuperDad to come and observe and take pictures, and of course the one time he’s there (out of the 18 lessons we’ve had), Mason was in a horrible mood, refusing to cooperate, crying on and off, and just a little stinker – something he’s not done (at swim class) since he was 6 months old!

The swim classes are officially titled “Infant/Toddler Swim Class” and they’re for kids ages 6 months – 4 years. At first, I was really worried about the age variance, but the teachers do an awesome job making it something that all ages can participate in. As we sing songs and move around the pool, the babies are simply getting use to being in the water and feeling it on their bodies, while the toddlers (who are use to the water) are working on things like kicking their legs and floating. We also practice pulling up on the pool side and blowing bubbles, which is a big hit with some kids!

Since Mason and his buddy A have been in the class three times now, they are old pros. They both love jumping in the pool from the side, floating on their bellies and kicking, and A is often great about paddling his arms too. They both hate floating on their backs, but the more lessons we’ve been to, the more we’ve seen them really blossom. I would never expect my 2 year old to know how to swim (and believe me, he doesn’t!) but I absolutely love how comfortable he is in the water and think that things like floating and pulling yourself out of a pool can be life saving skills!

Anyhow, here are some pictures of our crabby second-to-last class.

He just spotted Daddy

Working on the dreaded back float

Happily jumping in the pool (Is it just me or is this not really a great thing to teach a toddler??)

“Alllll done”

We can’t wait to hit the outdoor pool sometime soon! And I know that’s not just me – Mason asks to go swimming ALLLLL the time! We’re also might try baby/toddler lessons at another area pool in July. They’re about half the cost, so hopefully that doesn’t mean they’re only half as good!

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3 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons

  1. Randalin Post author

    That picture of Mason jumping into the pool is amazing. Kale loves doing the same thing. It is simultaneously awesome and terrifying for me.

  2. Kendall Post author

    LOL I did parent-tot swim lessons with my daughter and she jumped into the pool at 18 months when we lived in apartments. Maybe that’s why she did it! Thankfully I was right there, as we were getting ready to swim, and she wasn’t even scared or anything when I picked her back up. She was just laughing. She starts independent swim lessons next month (she is 3) and I will be doing parent-tot classes with my 13 month old. 🙂

  3. Ellen Post author

    Look at him jump, that’s awesome! It’s so nice that he’s so comfortable in the water. Eliot likes to jump into the pool too but doesn’t actually know how to jump (his attempts are hilariously adorable). He kind of just staggers into the pool for us to catch. I’m impressed by Mason’s height and form!

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