Currently…. 7/5/12

Another busy week around these parts. Swimming on Sunday, parade on Wednesday, and lots and lots of 93º+  days in between. Here’s what we’re CURRENTLY up to, inspired by the ever great Randalin and Wendy

Mason is currently…

Inspired by – his books. We went to the swimming pool on Sunday and he made me play an elaborate game where I was a tractor that he was riding (while he made tractor noises) and then I would get stuck in the mud and he would have to help me get out. About a month ago, we’d frequently read a book about a tractor that got stuck in the mud. It apparently stuck with him!

Devouring – blueberries. Lots and lots of blueberries. He can’t get enough. He would have a pint basket of them at every meal if we let him.

Thankful for – Many many hours of playing outside. Daycare has been big on running through the sprinklers and doing water activies outside lately and he LOVES it.

Watching – I introduced him to Garfield this week. He liked it. So now that’s four TV shows he’s willing to watch – Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, Alf, and Garfield. LOL I so looooooooooooooove having Amazon Prime on our TV! He also loves watching tractor videos on You Tube.

WeeMason’s Mom is currently…

Inspired by – posts related to “How to Miss a Childhood” about how easy it is to be so sucked into what’s going on on Twitter and Instagram that you’re missing the story unfolding right in your living room.

Devouring – root beer floats, watermelon and food from the grill. Yum!!!

Thankful for – having great relationships with my parents and being able to tell them both “Thank You” and that I appreciate them on a regular basis. Had you asked me five years ago if I would ever imagine a time where I would look foward to my mother coming over on a weekly basis (instead of talking to her on the phone once or twice a month) I would have thought you were nuts. It’s amazing how, while never a magic fix, kids can bring families together.

Watching – Teen Mom. This show is one of my guilty pleasures. I know it’s huge and popular and I shouldn’t be ashamed, but it’s a show on MTV and I’m nearly 30 years old, so it just feels wrong. But I love it anyway. LOL

Starting – to realize that I need to stop researching and thinking about things and actually doing them. Too often I pour a bunch of time into THINKING about things like exercising more, or living simpler, or changing up my investments, but I never move forward with any of the things I research. I should really START to do that, huh?

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5 thoughts on “Currently…. 7/5/12

  1. Kassie Post author

    I love teen mom too. I think it is because it makes me feel better about myself. I think… Err I mean I know.

  2. Cole Post author

    Mommy *totally* watches Teen Mom…and Dance Moms – ohmigosh, have you seen Dance Moms???

    And also? Now we want root beer floats 🙂

  3. Tracepoo Post author

    I’m so excited to be blogging again and to catch up with everyone in the blogging world. Your son is soooo big now! It’s amazing how fast they grow isn’t it? I’m excited to see that you’ve been continuing with your blogging! I hope to do the same 🙂

  4. Randalin Post author

    I’m a victim of getting stuck in the research stage too. It’s annoying sometimes, but I will say that when I do actually act on what I’ve been researching, I know I made the best and most informed decision!

    Thanks for linking up again!

    PS – did you change your blog font? Am I crazy to have noticed something like that?

  5. Allie Post author

    I love Garfield too. I was watching it the other day and started thinking about my old Garfield books and how fun they were to read. I wonder if they still sell those?

    It seems like I’m always stuck in research stage. I can’t figure out how to get from step a to step b and make things actually happen. It’s so frustrating!!!!!

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